April 12, 2006

the get it
This USB mini drive can give you 1 gigabyte of hot swappable storage in a small package. It can fit on a keychain, comes with McAfee, supports both Mac and PC and all for the bargain price of $22.99!
the gizmo
A cool USB recording device that records audio directly to any USB device. This includes the iPod! The iKEY is capable of recording audio from any audio device and write it directly to MP3 or WAV formats in real time. The best part is that it can be had for about $90!
the gorgeous
A true work of art. Not only is it beautiful, it is also very green. Battery powered and will cost you 50 cents for 50 km of travel! 6 hours to recharge for a 50 km range. The best part is it will be classified as a bike!
the green

Replace that old smoky wood burning fireplace and save a few trees in the process. These fireplaces are based on the new renewable fuel, ethanol-based denatured alcohol. It burns clean, is biodegradable and only emits ecologically-sound carbon dioxide and water-based steam.

the gossip
Philadelphia is about to take a back seat one more time. It looks like San Francisco is going to beat us to the city-wide WiFi punch. An incredible opportunity blown. What a shame.