April 19, 2006

the get it
Is that a hard drive in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? A Pocket sized 60 gigabyte USB hard drive that looks good to boot! Clad in aluminum and chrome, it is scratch and scuff resistant and very durable. Also, no power cords required, it is powered by the USB connection. Supports both Mac and PC and will set you back a mere $119.95!
the gizmo
Suffering from the bloat of Internet Explorer? Here’s your chance to slim down for the spring! Mozilla has released a new version of Firefox. Some of the highlights of version include performance improvements, increased stability and support for the new Macs with Intel Core processors.
the gorgeous
Your media center PC doesn’t have to look like the monolith from 2001: A Space Odyssey. This beauty measures a tidy 27x23x10 cm (10.6x9x4 in) with a shell constructed of quality ceramics. This unit allows you to watch videos in High Definition, rent movies and watch TV over the internet, provides 7.1 surround sound and allows you to take advantage of online music services among others. Kapsel says that this unit will go into production in September of 2006.
the green
Vespa announces they are currently testing a couple of prototype hybrid gasoline/electric scooters. This configuration provides approximately 20% more power while reducing gasoline consumption by 25%. One great advantage allows the rider to switch the power plant from hybrid into a low speed "electric only" mode.
the gossip
In Google’s bid to take over the world, they now may be getting into the travel space. This link ponders the rumor and gives a few morsels to feast on. One of the more interesting being the AIRPORT CODE to AIRPORT CODE search (ex. ‘PHL to CDG’). Try it with any two airport codes in a Google search.