May 3, 2006

the get it
Upgrade that old outdated cell phone. You know who you are. Tiger Direct has the beautiful Motorola L7 SLVR on sale for $179.99! What really makes this a bargain is that the phone comes unlocked. This simply means that it is not "locked" into a particular provider and that you can purchase the SIM card elsewhere. This includes prepaid and SIMs from other providers. This is a GSM quadband phone, so remember this includes international SIM cards. This offer expires 05/31.…
the gizmo
First off, if you mention gyro and bike in the same sentence you’ve got my attention. If they’re in the same word, now you’re just playing with my emotions. The GyroBike was developed by a group of undergrads in an engineering design class at Dartmouth to change the way your child learns to ride a bike. The GyroBike uses a gyroscopic flywheel to stabilize the bike and the rider. Basically, when an unbalanced rider turns the handle bars incorrectly, the gyroscope flywheel uses natural physical properties to turn the handlebars towards its natural balance. Expected to retail for about $40 and can be retrofitted on your existing bike.
the gorgeous
Mmmmmm, like big shiny pieces of candy… that just happen to put out amazing sound. These single enclosure speakers feature iPod docks, CD players, FM radios, line-input options, digital display and remote control all wrapped in a beautifully designed package. Sure, they’re big, glossy and expensive, but that’s why you have to have them.. These beauties come to us courtesy of Geneva Labs.
the green
Tired of that green hued skin tone that can be only be gained by countless hours of exposure to artificial light in the workplace? Floursolar products will provide a "light pipe" that collects and separates white sunlight into the three spectrums of Red, Green and Blue and then deliver it under floors, through walls and over ceilings after which it will be reassembled into the original white light. All of this powered free of fossil fuels and without the normally inherited heat gain of the Infrared spectrum. Check out the video.
the gossip
The Gartner Group is reporting that Microsoft’s new operating system Vista is going to be delayed once again. It looks like it will now be released in the second quarter of next year. This coming on the heels of the announcement a mere six weeks ago that it would be delayed till January of next year. Gartner reports that "the delay is ultimately minor". Poor Microsoft, isn’t it bad enough that they have to defend themselves against the Death Star Google?