May 17, 2006

the get it
What? Still haven’t gone wireless yet? Get rid of that old wired router at your next yard sale. You can put it right next to the old 8 track. Now is your chance. has the Netgear WGR614 wireless G cable/DSL router on sale. This router has good security (SPI firewall, WEP and WPA), great performance, is Mac and PC compatible and doesn’t look bad sitting out in the open. Get it right now for $34.99.…
the gizmo
Just a fantastic product coming from the folks at Vonage. It is being called the Softphone and works via USB. It consists of a USB key containing the software and a simple headset. Now the exciting part. All you have to do is plug it into any PC, no Mac support yet, and you have instant access to all of your voicemail and can send out calls from your home phone number. It is slated to be released in June.
the gorgeous
The concept of crystal clear sound takes on a whole new meaning. The Bottoms Up Doorbell, designed by Peter Van Der Jagt, uses two crystal wine glasses in place of traditional bells. When the door bell is pressed a very small hammer taps the glass, creating a beautiful crisp clear sound.
the green

This week’s green pick is a double hitter. This product saves you money and is eco-friendly. No more messy powder or liquid detergent, just throw 3 of these Ecoballs into your washing machine and voila, clean clothes emerge. They’re like little hardworking flying saucers with the space age technology to match. The manufacturers state these little wonders "produce ionized oxygen that activates the water molecules naturally and allows them to penetrate deep into clothing fibers to lift dirt away". They also say that they will last for 1,000 washes, which translates into an 85% savings in your detergent bills. Some of the other benefits claimed on their site are that they’re chemical free, hypoallergenic, antibacterial, lower wash temperatures, shorten wash cycles and won’t fade or damage fibers. Sounds like it’s at least worth a try.
the gossip
Ask and you shall receive! Just last week we were dreaming of an iPod phone and now it is reported that there may be one on the horizon. Softbank, a Japanese Web and Telecom company is teaming up with Apple Computer to develop mobile phones with iPod functionality. Softbank has recently acquired Vodafone Group’s Japanese unit. Both Apple and Vodafone declined to comment on the rumors.…