June 21, 2006

the get it
This 27" LCD HDTV from Olevia is a very highly rated HDTV in the inexpensive category. It also has a very loyal following with user opinions always at the top. Ok, so it may not be a Sony, but at this price, it is certainly worth a look and is a great candidate for a second TV. Right now Shop4Tech has the Syntax LT27HVX 27" LCD TV for a low $599. Also, get an additional 10% off by entering the code "Techbargains10" at checkout. That’s $539.10 with free shipping and no tax!
the gizmo
Power in your pocket! From the folks at APC comes a portable powerhouse that can simultaneously charge and power nearly any device with a USB or mini-USB jack. How about an extra 55 hours for your Nano or maybe eight to ten hours for your Treo? Not too shabby. The UPB10 packs a high capacity, user-replaceable lithium polymer battery wrapped up in a tidy little package that measures 3.9" high x 2.5" wide x .5" deep and weighs a mere 3.2 ounces! Not a bad sacrifice for so much extended power. Don’t get caught with your juice down. Currently listed at $69.99.
the gorgeous
This is not your father’s Sputnik inspired Weber Grill. Don’t get me wrong, I am a big Weber fan, but after you see this grill, you may find it hard to go back. The Fuego 01 Grill is here. It features a beautiful, clean modern design plus all of the features to get the job done. It provides a triple threat when it comes to heating options. You have the option of infrared, traditional charcoal or gas via removable drawers that can be interchanged and stowed within the unit. It also features a cast iron grill, teak counter tops, plenty of storage space and a modular accessory system that uses pegs to attach to the perforated stainless steel exterior. I must apologize in advance for their web site. These guys use Flash on their site like it’s 2001. However, it is well worth the time to really get a good look at the features.
the green

It’s refreshing to see folks from a company really get behind their products. The people at Plantics have created a bioplastic product, and to prove their point, have been eating it. That’s right, eating it, and it is reported to taste a bit like stale bread. This is no ordinary bioplastic, there are certainly plenty of new bioplastic products out there. What makes this product stand out is that it is 100% plant-based and can actually degrade in water! It is mostly starch-based from corn and its color is plant-based so no toxic additives are added. This has a huge environmental impact considering the amount of plastic that gets discarded by so many people each and every day.

the gossip
It was announced that in July 2008 Bill Gates will leave his day-to-day role in the company in order to spend more time on his work at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. This news has provoked mixed responses, some informed and some political motivated. However, most analysts agree that two years is sufficient time to allow a smooth transition for former Chief Technical Officer Ray Ozzie. Say what you will about Bill Gates, but the foundation now has an endowment of nearly 29.1 billion dollars. To maintain its status as a charitable foundation, it must donate at least 5% of its assets each year. Therefore the donations from the foundation each year would amount to nearly $1.5 billion at a minimum. That’s a lot of cabbage!