August 23, 2006

the get it
Nothing fancy here, just clean livin’. Newegg has the 200X high speed (32MB/sec read speed, 26MB/sec write speed) flash drive with a capacity of 4GB for the low price of $67.99 after $15 mail-in rebate! That’s right; you heard it right, 4GB of storage capacity. Some of the highlights include easy plug and play functionality, durable water and shock resistant housing and a cap holder and chain to prevent lost caps. It’s amazing that just a year or so ago, everyone was excited about a 128MB flash drive that was under $75 and now you can get 4096MB for around the same price.…
the gizmo
All those wires getting you down. I’ve seen it. Under your desk it looks like a rain forest and every time you try to make sense of it, you look like one of the lost episodes of the I Love Lucy Show. Free at last, free at last, Logitech is here to help you. Logitech makes great wireless keyboard and mouse products and now they have upped the ante. The new EasyCall Desktop incorporates their excellent wireless keyboard and cordless laser mouse with an integrated internet (VoIP) calling control center. The calling control center provides one-touch controls for easy call management and a full-duplex speakerphone along with a headset when more privacy is needed. The EasyCall Desktop is slated to be released next month at a cost of about $130.…
the gorgeous

I don’t ask for much here on the hit list, but every once in a while something comes up that I just gotta have. Okay, so I did ask for the personal submarine a few weeks ago, but I really mean it this time. From Miele comes the In-Wall CVA615 Coffee System. I can’t even do it justice here, so I will ask you to just click the link below. Once on the site, click the (click on image above for pictures) link under the first picture on the right and sit back and enjoy. Grinds beans, froths milk and even integrates with the Miele plate warmer to keep your cups nice and toasty. Cup warmer? Oooh that hurts.…
the green

For those of us that like to recycle, there is always the problem of storage. Those big ugly plastic bins just don’t cut it. Ecopod has a nice and tidy solution that is both practical and nicely designed. They have gotten together with BMW Designworks USA and developed the Ecopod E1 Series recycling center. This unit houses an internal compactor and sufficient storage space for about 50 crushed containers with extra space for glass bottles, newspapers and other recyclable materials. To use the compactor for plastic bottles and aluminum cans, simply drop the container in the appropriate slot, step on the foot pedal and shazam, the can is crushed and falls down into the handy dandy internal storage bin. When needed, this storage bin simply slides out and can be placed curbside. Sweet.
the gossip
Google rockin’ the free Wifi for their hometown of Mountain View, CA. The original estimate was the end of the summer, but in a bid to astound the IT world, it went up ahead of schedule. This is a nice little network covering 11.5 square miles and servicing 72,000 residents. It was done with 380 light pole-mounted access points at a cost of $1 million. Google could find $1 million in its sofa cushions. According to Google, bandwidth is currently maxed out at 1 megabit per second but may be cranked up if needed. So far reviews have been great, with testers reporting very good connectivity and the ability to make Skype and SIP VoIP calls. Google is denying involvement in any future projects in other cities. Chris Sacca of Google states, "There are 300 RFPs out there for city wireless networks, and we are not participating in one of them". Great, a company that comes in under budget and ahead of schedule and we can’t get them to do any other cities.