August 30, 2006

the get it
Need some extra storage? Time to maybe get a little backup protection? Get yourself some breathing room with Western Digital’s 250GB USB 2.0/Firewire External Hard Drive. This hard drive spins at a quick 7200 RPM, has a built-in USB 2.0 hub with two ports, is universal plug and play for Windows and Mac users and includes Dantz Retrospect Express backup software (Dantz software for Windows users only). Amazon is offering this external hard drive for just $99 and it ships free! That’s $180 off the suggested retail price.…
the gizmo
Ok, so you remember how excited I was about the personal submarine or the Tesla electric high performance roadster? That was a snooze compared to this. Some of you that know me know that I have a bit of an obsession about personal flight. As I have said before, I am still angry and somewhat annoyed that it is now 2006 and those jet packs and personal flying machines continue to elude us. Well I recently came across this site that describes "the world’s smallest co-axial helicopter". That’s right, I said helicopter. According to the site, it is currently in test, not like those jet packs and flying cars that never seem to materialize. The site states that they are looking for customers or companies to cooperate in testing and that the remaining tests couldn’t be completed in Japan due to "legal constraints". Huh? Oh well, that explanation is good enough for me, I’m ready for some testing. Here is a link to the English version of the site; however, the official site is much more interesting. Check the Gallery section!
the gorgeous

I’m not sure why there has been such a revival in cuckoo clocks these days, but I like it. I’ve always been a bit cuckoo for cocoa puffs about them and some of these new updated versions are no exception. For the most part, many tend to keep the basic form but update the material used for construction, like this model or this model. However, Tobias Reischle, an industrial designer and current Brooklyn resident, has really updated the whole package. This new design houses the old cuckoo bird in a sleek, modern house with some very clean and contemporary lines but still keeps the traditional chains, weights and pendulum that is so familiar. The Cuckoo Clock by Tobias Reischle is currently available on the MOMAstore website.
the green

What is this, a high-end design company appearing in the green section of this week’s hit list? Yes it’s true, Eleek inc. produces some incredibly beautiful products and manages to do so in an eco-friendly way. The company was founded in 2000 by Erik Kaster, a third generation pattern maker and his then wife-to-be, Sattie Clark. What makes Eleek products so green you ask? Let us count the ways. According to Eleek, "Our aluminum and iron products are 100% recycled. Our bronze products are at least 90% recycled. Our patterns for Eleek sinks are made from wood that is at least 70% salvaged. Our retail display cabinetry is made from MDF that is 100% reclaimed or recycled. We reuse or recycle all scrap metal." If you want more details on their efforts toward sustainability, and there are plenty, check out the official word on their website posted here. Take some time and check out the site, they really have some beautiful products and why not help a green brother out.
the gossip
It was announced this past week that VeriChip, described as "one of the most aggressive marketers of radio frequency identification chips", is heavily lobbying the Pentagon to get their Radio Frequency Isdentification (RFID) chips into the body of every US soldier. The general idea is to replace the traditional dog tags currently worn by military personnel since 1906 for identification purposes. VeriChip is hoping to take it a step further by storing a complete medical history and any other information in addition to the usual identification information. I realize that this could have some interesting benefits, especially in the field, but I can’t help thinking that these will end up as blips on some giant electronic game of Risk or Battleship. It’s all a bit too Van-Damme-Dolph-Lungren-Universal-Soldier for me.