September 20, 2006

the get it
500GB of external hard drive goodness all in a beautiful brushed metal brick of a package. has the well designed LaCie 500GB USB 2.0 external hard drive designed by F.A. Porsche for $201.99 w/free shipping. This drive is PC and Mac compatible, spins at a fast 7200RPM and can transfer data at 480mbs. This package also includes drive management (Silverlining) and backup utility (SilverKeeper) software.…
the gizmo
Are you one of those folks that, all too often, find yourself on the low side of a cell phone charge whilst your charger is nowhere to be found? This may be the gizmo for you. MobCharger is a small pocket-friendly disposable mobile charger that can provide you with up to 90 minutes of talk time and 480 minutes of standby time. All you have to do is plug it into your energy-challenged phone and yak to your heart’s content. When you’re done, just unplug it and reuse it later if needed. At first, I was a little leery of this product, environmentally-wise. Disposable batteries are not nature’s best friend. However, the web site claims that the “Mobcharger is a zinc-carbon battery containing no mercury, lead or cadmium. It will not leak or corrode. It can be disposed of with all household waste and does not pose a fire hazard”. Mobcharger is available for all the main models manufactured by Samsung, Motorola, Nokia and Sony Ericsson and will retail for less than $10.
the gorgeous
A legend lives on! Leica has announced the long awaited M8 Digital Rangefinder camera and it is absolutely beautiful. This just in time for Photokina 2006, the industry’s largest trade show, in Cologne, Germany. Back in 1954 at Photokina, Ernst Leitz and Leica introduced the Leica M3, the first interchangeable lens bayonet style Leica body. This model soon became legendary with many variations and improvements released over the next 50 years. However, this new model brings you the best of both the old and new technological worlds. On one hand, it boasts a whopping 10.3 million pixels and on the other, it will support nearly every Leica M system lens made since 1954! That’s an impressive feat. With its solid metal body, compact design and legendary viewfinder, it still retains all of the characteristics that made it the “reporter’s camera”. Truly beautiful but comes at quite a price. The body alone lists at nearly $5k. Egad!
the green
I love my bicycle. Besides the obvious health benefits to your body and the environment, I think it’s the idea of self-locomotion coupled with the joy of effortlessly gliding along that does it for me. However, unfortunately it’s no longer all nuts and candy. Today we contend with poorly lit streets, maniacal drivers trying to run us down and too few bike lanes, just to name a few. One of the ways to help out in the safety department is to make yourself seen with a light (apparently, another way is to wear a wig as outlined here in a study by Dr. Ian Walker of England’s Bath University. Don’t ask, just read the article). But what is one to do? Batteries run out and those generators, oh those generators! Friction-driven slave drivers that surreptitiously sap you of all your energy for a ily: ‘Times New Roman’; mso-ansi-language: EN-US; mso-fareast-language: EN-US; mso-bidi-language: AR-SA”>measly bit of light. Along comes the Reelight, just what we may be looking for. The Reelight system consists of a couple of high-powered, ily: ‘Times New Roman’; mso-ansi-language: EN-US; mso-fareast-language: EN-US; mso-bidi-language: AR-SA”>neodymium magnets mounted to your spokes that generate energy through electromagnetic induction as they pass by the LED lamps mounted to your frame. No polluting batteries, no friction and long lasting LEDs, pretty cool, huh? Check them out. They are currently available on Amazon for $34.95.
the gossip
As these high-tech companies parade their wares in front of us like so many shiny objects, we must keep our heads about us and not stand there and blindly stare like some wide-eyed Bolsheviks. We must have the ability and resolve to see through the haze of gizmo-ness. Sorry about the dramatics, I’ve had too much coffee this morning. Anyway, you get the gist. Here is an article illustrating this very thing. Nick Douglas of Valleywag, points out that the new $300 iTV gadget from Apple can basically be replaced by a $15 AV cable from Amazon. He even has a chart! The posting is part humor and part truth and should be treated as such. However, it’s important to remember that the new cool thing is not necessarily always the best thing… sometimes.

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