September 27, 2006

the get it
I know, I know, another hard drive. I’m sorry but I can’t help it. This is just getting ridiculous. Here is an external Seagate 300GB USB 2.0 hard drive for $130.20 w/free shipping. Fully plug and play, 7200RPM, pushbutton backup with Award-winning BounceBack Express software and a one-year full warranty covering all parts and labor. Blah, blah, blah, you know the drill. Just get it already. I promise no more hard drive specials for a while… no matter how good a deal they are.…
the gizmo
The start-up company Dash has released more details on its new in-car navigation system being called the Dash Express. This will be the first navigation system with an always-on connection via WiFi or cellular. What this means is that instead of pulling maps and other navigational points from a hard drive or memory, this unit will pull in real-time updated maps complete with historic traffic flow data to help you plan the best route. Using this concept of real-time information downloaded to the unit, the possibilities are endless. It could be used to report accidents, road closings and traffic patterns related to time of day or road characteristics. On top of that it could interface with online directories that could report more information about destinations like hours of operation, best prices, inventory, movie times, etc. The Dash Express is slated for release in early 2007.
the gorgeous

Vinyl is back… again. But you already knew that, right? Well if you get an itch to rock some of your old-school vinyl, I got the item just for you. The Rega P3. Roy Gandy and his guys at Rega Research have been producing high-end components for 25 years that have an excellent quality to cost ratio. The Rega P3 boasts some great technological features plus it looks fantastic with its clean lines and simplistic design. This turntable features a high quality, low vibration motor, a hand crafted 12mm thick floated plate glass platter and what Rega states is "arguably the most famous tonearm ever produced, the legendary RB300". Most importantly it comes in some juicy Life Saver colors. Currently available in Blue, Green, Purple, Red, Silver, White and Yellow! Come on, dig up some of those old Afrika Bambaataa albums and throw a house party.
the green

A task force headed up by the environmental agency of the European Commission (EC) is now working on a project led by Nokia that will have your cell phone talking back to you. This project will tackle the issue of fully charged cell phones left plugged into their chargers. It doesn’t sound like a big deal, does it? It certainly didn’t to me. However, this is a huge issue with serious environmental impact. According to their report, if 10% of the world’s cell phone owners unplugged their phones once they were charged, it would reduce the energy consumption by an amount equal to that used by 60,000 European homes per year! These alerts would simply remind you to unplug your charger once the phone has been fully charged. Nokia plans to have the alerts in their phones by the middle of 2007 with other manufacturers to follow.
the gossip
In an ongoing effort to make air travel safer, European aviation specialists are working on a four-year 35.8 million Euro project to thwart terrorists. This project is being headed up by more than 100 aviation experts from 31 companies. Some of the goals of this project include preemptive systems that will be used to match passengers to luggage, biometric cameras at check-in to verify passenger identity, electronic noses to sniff out explosives before boarding and biometric systems to identify pilots and crew members. The effort also includes systems to respond to attempts at any mid-flight takeovers. These include systems to automatically guide the airplane to the closest airport or change the aircraft’s trajectory to stop it from being steered into a building or mountain. Do we really need pilots anymore? There is a well known quote among airplane enthusiasts that describes the cockpit of the future. It states that the crew consists of a pilot and a dog. The pilot is there to feed the dog, and the dog is there to bite the pilot if he tries to touch anything.…