October 4, 2006

the get it
As I promised, no external hard drive specials this week. This week let’s talk memory cards. There you are, about to take you next photo and boom, "Memory Card Full". Yikes! That endangered bird isn’t going to hang around until you change memory cards. Or maybe you can re-light all the birthday candles and get your child to reenact that precious moment. Fret no more, pick up a couple of these and shoot till your heart’s content. The A-DATA 2GB 150X Turbo Secure Digital Memory Card features the highest speed transfer rate, has Error Correcting Code (ECC) functionality to detect and correct errors and a 2GB capacity. The price? $29.99 after a $15 rebate, but act fast, this deal expires on 10/06/06.
the gizmo
How does a 400mph blow job in the bathroom sound? Scary, huh? Well not if James Dyson has anything to say about it. The billionaire inventor, better know for his expensive vacuum cleaners, has now entered the foray of bathroom hygiene. His new product, the Dyson Airblade, claims to dry your hands using "a windscreen wiper effect" with room-temperature air traveling at 400mph in a record 10 seconds! Not only is it fast, it is also efficient. It captures the previously shed waste water and releases it back into the air as a mist and because it uses room-temperature air, it doesn’t require the normal energy needed to heat the air used in conventional dryers. Dyson claims that this translates into an 83% reduction in energy usage. 400mph air sort of scares me, however, Dyson states that "It is actually rather a nice feeling. When people put their hands in they are pleasantly surprised at how gentle it is".
the gorgeous

I don’t think computer keyboard and gorgeous have every existed in the same sentence, until now. The Logitech diNovo Edge Keyboard has arrived. It is the world’s first rechargeable wireless keyboard and has beauty to boot. Its base is created from a single piece of black Plexiglas, framed in brushed aluminum and has a super slim sleek design. When it is not working for you, you can simply place it into its charging base giving you 2 months of use for a mere 2 hours of charging time. It also has touch-sensitive controls, backlit "stealth" controls that appear and disappear as needed and a new precision key system called PerfectStroke, claiming to improve your typing experience. What more could you ask for?

the green

What to do with that old computer? You can use it as a boat anchor or maybe throw it at your neighbor. If you don’t have a boat or have a good relationship with your neighbor you can always recycle it. This is a very good idea. That computer is filled with all sorts of environmentally unfriendly tidbits. Dell is now making it easier. Last week Dell announced a home-pickup recycling program. The amazing thing is that it doesn’t require the purchase of Dell products. Of course if you happen to be buying a Dell computer, the service is free, otherwise it will run you a flat fee of $10. They will take any make or model, no questions asked. For more convenience, you can simply schedule pickups through Dell’s Web site.

the gossip
Facing a $4.5 billion budget deficit, New Jersey continues with its attempts to raise money. Yesterday, Governor Corzine announced that the list of taxable items has been expanded to include, among others, all downloaded music and movies. That means an extra 7% tacked onto each purchase from iTunes, Napster or any other online service if you live in the great State of New Jersey. This tax will become more significant with the forthcoming iTunes movie download service. This new tax is expected to bring in an extra $8-$10 million for the impoverished state. What’s next, a giant bake sale outside the capital building?