November 29, 2006

the get it
It seems that a new one of these iPod speaker systems comes out daily. Despite that, there are a few that really stand out. The Altec Lansing inMotion IM7 is among that group. Besides a decent design, this unit really delivers on sound. When iLounge first reviewed the IM7, they called it "perhaps the most significant new iPod audio accessory we’ve seen so far this year." In addition, it features High Efficiency Digital Amplification, AC as well as battery power, extra audio inputs (S-Video, Composite and Auxiliary), neodymium drivers and tweeters, built-in subwoofer and an international power adapter kit. All of this for $171.79 with free shipping. Check out the reviews here, here and here.…
the gizmo
This week we have a gizmo in the true sense of the word. A chair that can support up to four positions without any moving or interchangeable parts. Stokke, the longtime manufacturer of children’s furniture, has developed the Gravity Balans. At first I was excited about the concept, but was soon a bit frightened seeing that guy leaning back like that, floating in mid air. I had premonitions about me drifting off in deep slumber and being suddenly awakened, only to end up ass over heels on the floor. Anyway, enough of my phobias. This chair can go from a spine-friendly kneeling position, to a normal upright position, on to a rocking chair and finally to a drink-in-hand-sleepy-check-the-teeth-while-you’re-there-zero-gravity position. Check them out here! The bad news is that all of this floating goodness will cost you $2310! I think I’ll wait till IKEA knocks it off for $99.
the gorgeous

Fossil, over the years, has delivered some great watches at bargain prices. Now they have gotten together with Phillipe S+arck to bring you the O-ring Digi. I have to admit, I really like this watch. At first it seemed a bit strange, having no hands or a traditional digital display, however, these hybrid traits end up being the fascinating part of it. With the O-ring Digi, the hours are displayed as numbers and the minutes are displayed in segments that build around the ring of the watch as the hour progresses. It is so simple and seems like it would be super easy to read at a glance. It features a beautiful minimalist band and reminds me a bit of those Chinese coins. All that being said, is it me or is Philippe S+arck putting his name on too many things? He’s like fly shit these days. I really like many of his designs, but jeez, easy big fella. Here’s a nice zoom shot of the O-ring Digi.…
the green

They’ve been telling us for the last twenty years that we are moving closer and closer to being a paperless society. Ha! I’m not buyin’ it. These days I believe we use more paper than ever. Studies show that the majority of paper used is usually temporary. It makes sense, it is much easier to read or review something on paper as opposed to a computer screen. Well, there may be a solution coming down the road. Toshiba has developed a new printer that uses a type of plastic paper that can be erased and reprinted on up to 500 times. The technology is based on an updated version of thermal printing technology that was developed in the 1970s. Apparently there is a layer of heat-sensitive material that is able to turn black or white with temperature alterations. It is currently available in Japan and seems to be slowly moving west with it slated to arrive in Europe in 2008. Here is a video of it in action. Caution, the average viewer may become drowsy while watching this video.
the gossip

"The Beatles’ position is that they don’t sing jingles to peddle sneakers, beer, pantyhose, or anything else," a lawyer representing the Beatles has told the Associated Press. Well apparently iPods have somehow risen above these other objects of "crass commercialism". Last week Fortune speculated about the rumor that the Beatles may be signing a deal with Apple that would give them the exclusive rights to the entire Beatles catalog. Apple is remaining tightlipped commenting that the company does not comment on "rumor and speculation." However, David Munns, head of EMI North America, says the catalog will be online "soon" and that music industry insiders say some outstanding points of the deal are still being hammered out. It has also been suggested that the deal may be sweetened with a Beatles branded iPod, much like the U2 model.…