December 6, 2006

the get it
This week we have two bargains to choose from. Target is featuring the Apple 8GB iPod Nano for $225 and the Apple 1GB iPod Shuffle with clip for $72. These two products don’t need much explanation unless you’ve been living on a deserted island for the last few years. To get the fully discounted price, use the coupon code TGTSAVE3 at checkout to receive the 10% discount. Act quickly, this code will expire soon. Both qualify for free shipping. Stuff those stockings.
the gizmo
How do you make the already reduced size second-gen iPod Shuffle even smaller? You pick yourself up the IncipioBud from Incipio. The new second generation iPod Shuffle from Apple is the perfect player for those on the move. You’ve seen it. It’s that tiny little matchbook size player from Apple. It’s so small it can be thrown in your pocket or clipped on anywhere. However, the docking station for it isn’t exactly small and it has all those pesky wires. That’s were the IncipioBud comes to the rescue. It’s a tiny little USB attachment that can do everything the original dock does. It can transfer all of your music quickly via USB, supporting full speed USB transfer rates. And as a bonus it can also simultaneously charge the Shuffle from one of your USB charging solutions. Probably the best feature is that it will only put you back $6!
the gorgeous

iPhone schm-iPhone, after getting a look at these alleged images of Sony Ericsson’s new Ai phone I don’t really care when the new iPhone is coming. The Ai, named after Japanese Tennis player Ai Sugiyama, is slated to compete in the ultra slim category competing with Motorola’s RAZR and LG’s Chocolate. It is rumored to come loaded with an FM radio, 3.2 megapixel camera, touch sensitive keys and a 2GB hard drive. These new 3D renderings surfaced this week and they look sweet. The sad thing is that these may be just a vision from someone’s imagination and have nothing to do with Sony Ericsson or the new Ai phone. If that is the case, how about someone hiring this guy.
the green

The Japanese seem to corner the market on hi-tech toilets, creating contraptions that feature all sorts of things from automatic lids to temperature control to self-cleaning. Well it looks like the Canadians are now getting into the act. Did you know that flapper leakage is the biggest source of water waste in the home? A small leak in the flapper valve can result in 100,000 litres of waste per year. Sorry, maybe we should back up. Do you know what a flapper valve is? For those of you who don’t know, it is the valve that opens and closes in order to let water from the tank into the bowl for the flushing action. Niagra Flapperless is stepping up to the plate. Their new models use Tip-bucket technology that holds the water in an internal trough until ready to be flushed. It is then dumped where gravity takes over without the traditional obstruction of the flapper valve. Besides the advantage of being flapperless (no replacement, no leakage), they also never "sweat" because the water never touches the outside tank.
the gossip

Ahh, remember the good old days of the Cold War when sanctions meant curtailing goods and services specific to weapons and the military? Well those days are over. We have moved into a new generation of embargo. It is well known that Kim Jong Il of high-haired bouffant fame and leader of North Korea loves his toys and gadgets. Specifically because of this, the U.S. Government is planning to impose trade sanctions on luxury items that are near and dear to Kim’s heart. This means iPods, Rolex watches, cognac, Harley Davidson motorcycles, Jet Skis, Plasma TVs, Segway electric scooters just to name a few. What is a crazy dictator to do? Japan has already compiled a list which includes beef, fatty tuna, luxury cars, motorcycles, cameras and more. Many European nations are still working on their items for the list. Personally, I would love to see old Kim zipping around on a Segway with is puffy fro blowin’ in the wind.