January 3, 2007

the get it
Are you using protection? Well, if not you should be. It’s the new year and there are a lot of maniacs out there. This week Office Depot has a great deal on McAfee Total Protection. Total Protection does it all. It provides complete virus, spyware, spam and identity protection and a plethora of other features. How good is the deal? How about free. The cost is $79.99 with a rebate of $80. The catch is that you have to make the purchase by 01/06/2007 and postmark the rebate by 02/06/2007. That’s not so bad in order to save yourself $80 smackers now is it?

the gizmo

I love this thing. It looks like a combination of some sort of 1950s intercom system and a James Bond doomsday machine. Fortunately, it is something even better. The Ventriloque is a new alarm clock by French designers Tsé & Tsé Associées. What makes it so special is that you can record any sound and have that played back as your alarm! Such a great idea. It is beautifully designed and features an oscilloscope-type digital display and includes a snooze function. It runs on 3 AAA batteries and will run you $95. I know that sounds sort of steep, but I think it is really unique and think of all of the possibilities. You’re slumber cut short by the likes of Mr. T or maybe Baretta. You decide.
the gorgeous
At Tokyo Designer’s Week 2006, i-Design unveiled their new line of lighting. These beautiful lighting objects are based on Electroluminescent Light technology. Electroluminescent (EL) Light produces illumination by exciting phosphor crystals using electric current. This allows designers and engineers to create lighting objects outside of the traditional shapes restricted by conventional lighting. For more information click on this link. Showcasing this technology, i-Design’s new line includes a lamp in the shape of a vase, one that utilizes the shade as the sole source of light (no bulb) and a few dangling chandeliers that are so much more elegant without the presence of traditional light bulbs. After the link, page down and check out the photos, they are really amazing.
the green

A few years ago, I gave a bunch of friends some mini LED keychain lights. I knew they were a good gift because a few still have them today. LED technology had just started to take hold. The battery life was great, they’re virtually indestructible and it was downright tiny. Well these new LEDs have taken it one step further and eliminated the need for that pesky toxic battery. That’s right, no battery required. These new micro mini LEDs have a built-in solar panel on one side and a mirror on the other. So hang it on your car’s rearview mirror or clip it onto your bag and you will always be ready for any less-than-optimal lighting situation.

the gossip
This week the New York Times ran an article examining the newly christened Google office in Manhattan. A place where new Google employees are affectionately called nooglers, employees of the legal department looglers, bicyclists called bikeglers and gay employees gayglers. Jeebus! You sick yet? Well I am, and to make matters worse, they have included pictures. Get a load of the fat kid juggling in his Phish t-shirt. Are you kidding me? Juggling? That’s not the half of it. Look at those two playing guitar to “Sweet Child O’ Mine” by Guns N’ Roses. I want to stab both of my eyes with oyster forks dipped in lemon juice. Karaoke, pool tables, ping pong at work? Didn’t we do this already? Yes we did, and it was called 1992. Just before I go, I will add a last nugget of sweetness that will truly put you into a diabetic coma: “Every Thursday afternoon there is a gathering with wine and beer called Thank God It’s Almost Friday (originally it was a T.G.I.F. event, modeled after one in Mountain View, but Googlers in New York didn’t want to stick around late on a Friday).” Makes me long for a stint in a Chinese sneaker sweatshop.