February 14, 2007

Get your backup on. This week Buy.com is offering the pocket-licious Edge 100GB DiskGo USB Backup Portable Hard Drive for the low price of $77 with free shipping! This package comes complete with Backup4all software that can perform your backups with a simple push of the button located on the front of the drive. It doesn’t get any simpler than that! It comes packaged in a nice sleek brushed aluminum case that measures a mere 5.5″ long x 2.75″ wide x 0.5″ thick and weighing in at just 6.5 ounces. To aid in its portability, it draws power off the USB connection (no power pack needed) and includes a carrying case that holds both the drive and cables. Here is a review of the DiskGo by The Gadgeteer.
Tired of trying to type a text message with those tiny little chicklet keys on your phone? The new Freedom Slim might just be the ticket.  This little Motorola-RAZR style full alpha numeric keyboard connects wirelessly via Bluetooth and is backlit in a choice of either blue or orange.  For ease of use, it can be operated in conjunction with the Combi Unit leather case, affixed by magnetic pads or used alone, remaining steady with its four rubber feat. This keyboard can also slip into your pocket, measuring a tiny 4 x 2 1/2 x 5 inches and weighs 3.2 oz. Despite its compact size, this beauty is big on compatibility. It plays well with Windows Mobile, Palm and Symbian with battery life coming in at a solid 4 hours of use and 100 hours of standby. This might be a good option for those who need to do a lot of texting or have a PDA without a keyboard. Slated for April 2007 release.
Mmmm… milky goodness. Finally a desk to suit my mild OCD tendencies. Partnering with Holmris Hansen A/S, Danish designer Søren Kjær has created MILK.  Don’t let its minimalist appearance fool you; this piece of furniture has quite a few tricks up its sleeve. You see, it has a built-in pen holder, garbage bin, file cabinets, height adjuster, storage box and fish tank.  Yes, I realize that a fish tank is silly.  In fact, I actually believe they should have left that out. However, with all of its secret compartments to conceal cables, power cords and all of those other pesky little objects that tend to clutter my work area; I am willing to look the other way. Spend some time on the site and explore some of the capabilities of this innovative design.
From our own little city of Brotherly Love and one of the oldest millineries (Philadelphia has a rich hat making history) in the US comes the new softbowls from MIO. Not only are they beautiful and functional, they also happen to be very environmentally responsible. Each is handmade from 100% molded wool using outmoded hat blocks by local artisans and come in some fantastic colors. And because of their wool composition, they are recyclable, compostable and require one-tenth of the energy required to manufacture traditional ceramic vessels. The new softbowls come in three cool flavors; Beehive, Swoop and Wobowl. Look for these to start shipping February 25.
Wow, this truly warms my heart. It’s nice to know companies like Google are looking out for my interests. Normally I let Sting do all of my worrying, but it’s nice to know I have some backup. This week Google warned cable operators at Cable Europe Congress that the Internet is not ready for TV or movies and that if they think they can start offering mainstream TV shows and movies on a large scale, they are sadly mistaken. Google went on to explain how their infrastructure to deliver video will not scale.  However, they were quick to offer cable operators the option of combining the cable networks high-quality delivery with Google’s one-two punch technology of video searching and targeted advertising. Hmmm, something smells fishy.