March 7, 2007

Canon has continued its excellent line of digital ELPHs with the new PowerShot SD700. This powerful ultra-compact camera is a strong performer that produces great image quality. The SD700 is a 6.0 MP camera with a 2.5″ LCD screen, 4X optical zoom lens, built-in Image Stabilizer and DIGIC II processor, excellent 240-shot battery capacity and the ability to capture video at 30 fps. Newegg is offering this highly rated camera for $299 which includes a 1GB memory card!…
Do you use your iPod with your home stereo? Not only do I use it at home, it is also my primary source of music. Because of this, I spend half of my time running back and forth to my iPod trying to plan the next song to play. And forget it if it is dark, then you have to have some light setup. No more with the new DLO HomeDock Deluxe. It is an iPod dock with the capability to navigate your iPod or to play your video library directly on your television. That’s right, from the safety of your sofa or without interruption while making drinks; just use the included wireless remote to control your iPod from across the room, all the while displayed on a TV in a size humans can actually read. The HomeDock Deluxe includes a wireless remote control, S-Video, RCA out, on-screen album art and multiple color themed screensavers. This unit is listed at $149.99.…/
Man oh man, I gots to get me one of these. I know, I know, you can’t swing a dead cat these days without hitting a new iPod dock, but this one is different. I mean look at this thing, the back is just as nice as the front with all those tasty connectors. It’s the perfect meld of old and new technology with its vacuum tubes and Plexiglas. The MC4 Music Cocoon is from Roth Audio and will deliver some sweet clean tube sound. It will work with any device that can output to that ubiquitous 1/8 inch jack (other MP3 players or laptops) and also includes a pair of RCA connectors to hook up any other of your stereo components (CD player). The MC4 generates 13 watts per channel and includes fuse protection, speaker short circuit protection, volume control, overheating protection and will even charge your iPod while in operation. All of this sacchariny-goodness doesn’t come cheap, but then again, when does it ever. The MC4’s price is listed at about $780.
Toyota is planning to unveil a new hybrid concept this week at the Geneva Auto Show dubbed the Hybrid X. They are a bit vague about the details but have released some nice photos and a bit of confusing (or maybe badly translated) marketing speak. Some of which include “Hybrid X follows the core values of the Toyota brand design philosophy under two consistent themes: J-Factor and Vibrant Clarity. J-Factor refers to the local and global acceptance of Japanese-inspired design and cultural form, while Vibrant Clarity is the design language used to express the J-factor. ” Huh?  Some of the more ‘grounded’ details include a four door, four seat open-space concept, rear-hinged passenger doors, drive-by-wire steering pad, Bluetooth connectivity and ‘intelligent’ LED headlamps that will relay information about braking, speed and acceleration to pedestrians and other drivers! There are also some bits about ambient LED lighting synchronizing with music and a perfume diffuser. You decide. Despite some of the more wackier claims, I must say that I do like the new design. It looks a bit tougher than the Prius and that rear hinged door is pretty sweet.  Here are some great pics of the new design.…
If this wasn’t so criminal it would almost be funny. This week George Gombossy, a consumer watchdog reporter for the Hartford Courant, uncovered a scam by Best Buy in which they were using a secret internal intranet site to stop consumers from getting cheaper prices advertised on At Best Buy it is the burden of the consumer to prove that there is a cheaper price advertised on their web site. So when a consumer made the claim of a cheaper price on, they would simply open up the ‘unpublished’ intranet web site and show the higher price, thus disproving the claim. Of course Best Buy is denying any wrongdoing and is blaming the snafus on memory lapses of the employees. Somehow they have forgotten how to access This is the same company that has been accused in the past of deceptive sales practices, repackaging used merchandise and selling it as new, and failing to pay rebates and refunds. Seriously, you couldn’t even make this shit up.…