March 14, 2007

Get the new T-Mobile Dash for free! That’s right, free. I currently own this phone and I could not be more pleased with it. Actually I could be happier if I got it for free, I paid $250. This new Smartphone has Microsoft Windows Mobile® 5.0 operating system, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology built-in for a wire free experience, Microsoft Office Outlook Mobile®, 1.3 megapixel camera, Video camera, Windows Media Player and Micro SD expandable memory. The price for this deal is $75 with $50 rebate [Exp 3/31] – $25 rebate [Exp 3/14] = Free with free shipping. They also have thrown in a free 512 MB SD card from T-Mobile by mail-in rebate with purchase.  All the juicy rebate info can be found here.…
Attention you dirty boys and girls! Do you know that studies show that a typical computer keyboard holds up to 3,000 microbes per square inch? How much for the typical toilet you ask? How about 49! I don’t know what you people are doing to your keyboards, and I don’t think I want to know. However, if you do have a stankola keyboard, AM Products’ OneClean Keyboard Cleaner can help. Its reversible sculpted sponge will run its little foamy fingers between your keys for some disinfecting goodness. It uses a mixture of IPA alcohol to remove the dirt, grease and germs. The site has a great movie where you can see it in action. It’s complete with a very New Age-y soundtrack that is quite relaxing. Leave it to the Dutch to put so much thought and design into a video for a keyboard cleaner. I was only able to find it here for £9.00.…/
There, you went ahead and somehow got yourself a kid. Now you need one of those high-chair-feeding-thingamajigs, but they all have such bad design. What’s a modern family to do? Get yourself the Fresco Highchair from Bloom. It is a freshly designed highchair that is not only for feeding, it also functions as a resting chair. It is jam packed with functionality. The Fresco rotates a full 360°, features easy-liftâ„¢ height adjustment, multiple position reclining seat and dual removable trays. It can transform from highchair to baby rest to toddler seat. Most importantly it comes in 6 groovy colors; Rock Red, Frost Grey, Bermuda Blue, Rosy Pink, Harvest Orange and Midnight Black. The Fresco was recently awarded the 2006 Design & Innovation Award at the Kind + Jugend Infant Fair in Koln, Germany. Just picture your little one perched in one of these like a little Miles Monroe in a scene from Sleeper.…
The hot debate of green construction continues with the Philadelphia firm, KieranTimberlake Associates, questioning just what makes a home green. KieranTimberlake’s Loblolly House has forced us to not only think differently about materials, but also about the process of assembly and the much forgotten phase of disassembly. It is constructed entirely from elements and ready-made components, termed “smart cartridges”, which are fabricated off-site and contain the distribution of systems such as plumbing, heating and electricity. These elements have a systematic, component-based relationship toward each other, “the equivalent of an integrated circuit.” This process allows assembly to occur on-site in less than 6 weeks, “with only the aid of a wrench.” You can find all of the details here (click read more at the bottom). In addition to the all of the accolades and press the Loblolly House has been receiving, KieranTimberlake has garnered a 2007 Housing Award from the American Institute of Architects.…
Okay, so you need a new cellular service. Well, whether your existing service sucks or you are looking to upgrade, The Consumerist has got some interesting reading for you. They’ve got confessions from sales reps from all the biggies; T-Mobile, Sprint, Cingular, Verizon and Alltel. I think we all feel a little helpless when it comes to these types of negotiations, so pick your provider and do a little reading. They are short, well worth the read and a bit amusing. If you’ve got a bit more time, there is also one here from a former Enterprise Rental salesman. Make sure you read that one, it’s a real doozy. When you read it, don’t be surprised if you let out a good ole Homer Simpson ‘Duh!’ And like all good information, use it wisely. And you didn’t hear it from me.

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