May 16, 2007

Archos has always taken the lead in personal media players. In fact, the Archos Jukebox 6000 was released way back in 2000, a full year before the first iPod. The Archos 604 is a 30GB Digital Media Player that features a bright 4.3″ TFT LCD display with a 16:9 aspect ratio, 480 x 272 pixel resolution, can store up to 85 movies in either MPEG-4 or WMV formats at up to DVD resolution and a high-resolution photo viewer which features zoom, music, and transition effects. In addition to its video capabilities, the 604 stores and plays up to 15,000 songs, and displays the track, artist, album, and album cover of whatever you are playing.  Here’s a review from PC Magazine. Newegg is offering this great player for $284.99 + $4.99 for shipping.…
This week Garmin announced two new models to their already successful Rino two-way radio line that are packed with more features than any adventurer could ever desire. The aptly named Rino (check out those horns) 520HCx and 530HCx have added a new high-sensitivity GPS, a faster processor and a microSD memory card slot. In addition to all these goodies Garmin has made these two babies waterproof in up to 3 foot of water for 30 minutes. But by far, the coolest thing about these two models is that they feature a technology Garmin is calling Position Reporting which lets you send your exact location to the person you are talking to so they can see you right there on their own screen! The 530HCx also has a built-in altimeter, weather receiver and an electronic compass. These should be available in June with a MSRP of $449 and $499.
Here at the Hit List, when it comes to gadgets, I don’t age discriminate. A gorgeous gadget is a gorgeous gadget whether it’s brand spankin’ new, or in this case, 121 years old. Watchismo has all the details of this phenomenal Lancaster Watch Camera patented in 1886. This little gem was brought to Bonham’s Auction House by a gentleman whose grandfather owned it originally. He was a cabinetmaker at the Birmingham-based firm J. Lancaster & Son. The current seller, while going through the collection, came across what he thought was an ordinary pocket watch, however, after opening it he discovered that it contained a miniature camera. Apparently, the complex method of changing the tiny photo-sensitive plates caused its demise. It was only manufactured until 1890. Only four original models of the ladies’ pattern is know to exist. It sold for nearly $36k!…
Back in September Nokia promised to build alerts into their phones to let you know when they are fully charged. Well here we are less than a year later and Nokia has begun to make good on its promise! This week they launched the first mobile phones to include this new technology. The original task force, headed up by Nokia, compiled a report that showed if a mere 10% of cell phone users unplugged their phones after being fully charged, it would reduce energy consumption equivalent to that used by 60,000 European homes per year! This new technology is being rolled out with the Nokia 1200, 1208 and 1650, with the plan to make it universal across the whole product range. It makes you think about all the energy being wasted by gadgets like TVs, computers and audio equipment that now feature that ubiquitous “standby” mode. Get the straight skinny from Nokia in their official press release here.…
Free at last, free at last! Time to break the chains of your digitally locked down music. It seems that the current version of iTunes (v7.1.1) has been cracked by the boys that brought you QTFairUse. Download this program, strip that bothersome DRM off your tracks and play your legally purchased music anyway you would like! For those in the dark, DRM (Digital Rights Management) is loaded onto each track which limits the number of computers the track can be played on. It also prevents the track from being converted into another format such as MP3. In other words, when you buy a track from iTunes, you really don’t own it. You have only licensed it to be played in a proprietary format on your iPod and up to five other computers. Sorry to say, the software is only available for Windows, so Mac OS X users will have to remain on lock down. QTFairUse6 can be downloaded here.