May 30, 2007

Is that wired mouse on your laptop holding you back? Does that touchpad do things you never asked? I know mine does. Break the chains and get yourself a new cordless mouse. The Logitech V200 is the perfect traveling companion for your laptop. This optical mouse (no more mouse ball cleaning) has a compact design, is durable and operates on 2.4GHz which delivers connections up to five times stronger than traditional wireless. It also features smart power management which allows the batteries to last for up to one year. Circuit City is offering the V200 for $9 after sale and rebates! Normal price for this model is $42!…
It’s getting to the point where you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a new iPod docking station. However, Griffin has taken it a step further. At first glance, the Evolve looks much like all the others; an iPod nestled between two speakers with a basic remote control. That is where the similarities end. You see, with the Evolve, those cube-like speakers are actually wireless, yes, wireless. Each speaker houses its very own long living Lithium-Ion battery pack that’ll deliver 10 hours of play time. Moreover, they can be placed, unfettered, at a range of up to 150 feet. Just place the speakers in the docking station to charge them up and off you go. You will also have the option of purchasing additional speakers to work with the station. Early reports confirm very good sound quality and Griffin’s claims of a strong, uninterrupted signal with nary a hiccup. In addition, each speaker has its own on/off switch and features a sleep mode to conserve battery life. The system should be available this summer for around $349.
Luxury and high style are two concepts that are almost never discussed in the same room, let alone the same sentence, as computer peripherals. However, the folks at Earth Trek have brought a little retro-chic leather and shine to a few of their USB devices. Take a gander at these leather clad mice and USB hubs! The mouse is optical sensing, 800 dpi resolution and has a retractable cord. It comes in four shades of leather: black, brown, pink and, for those of you living in Florida or Cleveland, a sweet white. The USB hub has four ports, is plug and play compatible and is v2.0. It also comes in the same four shades of leathery goodness. So luxurious, so Thurston Howell.…
At TWIST they believe in a clean world and they’re not just talking about your countertops and sinks, they’re actually talking about the sponges themselves. TWIST makes sure 99.97% of all of their waste is reused in production. Apparently, sponge-making can be a very wasteful process. In addition, the main ingredient in the production of sponges are these cellulose sheets that are made from 100% tree fiber. Billions of sponges are produced each year, so you can imagine the impact this can have on the environment. However, all of TWIST’s cellulose is sourced from renewable tree farms. As a bonus, the packaging can be origamically transformed into a tiny birdfeeder. I’m not sure how practical they are, but the concept is cool nonetheless. Sort of like the reverse Cracker Jack prize; a prize out of every box!
This week I was planning to write about the rumored, and I stress rumored, departure of the Mac mini chronicled here. It is a great little device that, unfortunately, never really caught on. Instead, I decided to feature a disturbing photo that I believe signals the end of our world as we know it. Let’s face it, here in the US we have produced the most entitled and coddled generation in history and it seems to be creating some frightening outcomes. The Empire is over. This woman should first have her child taken away from her and then be left in the wild to fend for herself. It reminds me a bit of those parents that I see in the park spending “quality time” with their children, all the while having the cell phone affixed to their ear in constant babble.