June 20, 2007

Have you been running low on memory these days? Don’t get caught with your pants down. There’s no reason not to stock up. These Secure Digital (SD) Cards from Crucial Technology can be used in your digital camera, camcorder, MP3 player, cell phone, PDA, or global positioning system and have a lifetime warranty. Buy.com is offering not one, but two Crucial 2GB SD Cards for the very low price of $18.95 after rebate. Free shipping. Hurry though, this offer is only good until 6/25.
Japan has all the fun. From USB butt coolers to crazy custom vans to a human Tetris game show (it’s worth the watch). Now they taunt us with things like iRiver’s new media player, the U:MO. Not only is it a nicely designed little media player that can play all your favorite formats of audio and video, it comes equipped with an antenna that allows you to pull in eight video and 40 music channels from Mobile USEN’s satellites high in the sky. Nice and compact, the ill-named U:MO measures a mere 3.1 x 0.64 x 1.9 inches, weighs 2.6 ounces and boasts some very respectable battery life. iRiver claims it will give you from 2 to 24 hours of play time, depending upon the content you’re serving up. The best part of this little chumpy? It comes free with the $17/month satellite subscription service. Sweet.
Just a few days ago, the much anticipated Lenovo Thinkpad Reserve was finally unveiled. It’s a souped up Thinkpad X61 clad in a beautifully hand-sewn buttery leather coat. Specs are pretty respectable with an Intel 1.6GHz Core 2 Duo processor, 2GB of memory, 160GB hard drive, external DVD rewriter, external 80GB hard drive for backup purposes and a cellular WAN modem. All this goodness doesn’t come cheap though, the new Thinkpad Reserve will put you back a cool $5k. Now that you have spit out your coffee Jack Tripper style, you should know that it also comes with a serious juiced-up executive service plan. Lenovo will provide a 24/7 direct line to phone and online support in addition to free routine maintenance with the push of a single button. Also included is on-site service within 4 hours, no matter where you are, and a 3 year complete replacement warranty, no questions asked. So you want one? Well, you’ll have to wait for now, the Thinkpad Reserve is strictly an invitation only offer to preferred customers. And by the way, you’ll want to skip David Hill’s introduction. It’s painful.
Is your office stingy with that thermostat? Get your own little mirco-climate controlled area. The Herman Miller C2 can do the job. The C2 is not your run-of-the-mill space heater. It is actually an air cleaner, space heater and space cooler all wrapped into one. As a space heater, it has the ability to raise the temperature up to 40 degrees, all the while using only 1.5 amps of power. That’s about 90% more efficient than a regular space heater. As a space cooler, it can lower the temperature around you by about 8 degrees. In addition, it can filter out particles as small as five microns with a reusable filter that’s GREENGUARD certified. According to Herman Miller, it has no exposed heating coils, chemicals or harmful emissions and has unlimited capacity. How does it work? It uses a patented advanced thermoelectric (TE) technology developed by a company called Amerigon which was previously used in high-end car seats. If you would like to read more about the technology, all the details can be found here under an Amerigon patent search.
This is pure Wiley Coyote. If this story didn’t come straight from the DEA’s website, I would have a hard time believing it. According to the DEA, two Kentucky men obtained some 2 pounds of ice methamphetamine from “Mexican sources of supply” in Omaha, Nebraska with the intent to distribute. Not wanting to get caught with the goods while in transport, they came up with a plan. Are you sitting down? You should be. These two geniuses then packed the methamphetamine into the body of a motorized, 3-foot hobby rocket connected by wires to the vehicle’s cigarette lighter. And get this, they constructed a string and pulley system that would pop the trunk and launch the rocket some 1,200 feet into the air, hoping to scatter or disintegrate the drugs in the event they were caught. The best part is that they had previously tested it successfully! Unfortunately, they didn’t have the same luck in a real life situation. As the Missouri State Highway Patrol attempted to stop the vehicle, the two men failed to activate the rocket; both fled and were immediately apprehended. Too bad, what a great story that would have made.

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