July 4, 2007

Ready for a new phone? Okay, so you’re like most of us and can’t justify $600 for the Jesus Phone. Don’t feel bad, I feel the same way. No worries, Wirefly has a butt-load of great AT&T/Cingular phones for free with new activation. Take a gander, they have Fireflys for the kids, KRZRs, RAZRs, Blackberry Pearls, Sony Ericsson Walkman phones and Blackjacks to name a few. And these are just the models that are free without a rebate. There are a slew more that are free but require a mail-in rebate. These include the new Blackberry Curve and Treo.
Looking like a cross between the Tea Cup ride and the bottom half of a piggy bank, the new Dutch Tub delivers some 80s hot tub goodness on the go! Besides the great design, the Dutch Tub is also eco-friendly and totally transportable. Simply hook up a hose, fill it up with water and build yourself a fire in the attached stainless steel fire basket. Before you know it, you’ll be cooking up like a cannibal’s entree. In addition to warming the water, the fire basket can double as a BBQ. It also comes with some nifty options like a tub trailer, a chimney/ashtray for the basket and a turbo option that heats the water as you fill it. The Dutch Tub is available for rental or can be purchased for $6000. The site isn’t very intuitive. After clicking on the image, use the ‘products’ or ‘gallery’ links at the bottom.
Attention you laptop carrying folks out there, I’ve noticed that some of those bags you’ve been sportin’ need a little upgrade. Please, no more free computer bags from the company or one of those door prize types you got at your last conference. There’s a reason why they are free. Why not put out a little cabbage and get yourself a nice bag from Zegari. The Barcelona Bag will keep your laptop snuggled up nicely while on your travels with hidden computer-safe magnetic snaps to keep the front leather flap in place. In addition, it has some nice compartments specially designed for things like PDAs, cell phones and MP3 players. It also features outside pockets on the front and rear for quick access to all your important stuff. Constructed of the “finest leather”, the Barcelona Bag sports a nice combination of modern clean lines and classic design.
We all know the green advantages of the good old fashioned fan, but do they have to always be so damn ugly? CNET has basically compiled a list of 10 beautifully designed fans that really blow. Actually the article is titled a less-than-interesting 10 Less Than Ordinary Fans to Keep Cool. The list covers everything from a design that appears in the Pompidou in Paris, to a few classic reproductions, to a 42″ belt-driven industrial fan that would turn your apartment into a hurricane. So next time you reach for that thermostat to chill down, why not give the old fan a try first.
Alright, I tried to keep the iPhone out of this weeks Hit List, however, it is after all a big deal and yes, I would like to have one (if anyone would like to donate one, I will gladly accept). I am sure, by this time, you have been inundated with all sorts of iPhone stories, reviews and opinion, so I will instead provide a bunch of links that will give you a wrap-up of some of this week’s more interesting iPhone-related stories. There was scandal, some bitter envy, some serious sound testing, phenomenal sales figures , frightening stress tests and finally a story about a lucky lad who just happened to have registered the iPhone.com domain back in 1995. To make a long story short, Apple wanted it and Apple paid for it.

iPhones are destined to be a smash success worldwide. For those of you that don’t have one, here’s a simple way to keep abreast of the latest buzz on iPhones.

On ANY wap enabled cell phone browser, simply enter the numeric-domain equivalent of the word ‘iPhone’, which is 474663. Add .com and press ‘send’, ‘call’, ‘go’ etc.

Enter 474663.com