July 18, 2007

This week I present to you an abridged (extremely abridged) version of the Hit List. My apologies; however, I am on a much needed vacation for the next two weeks, so I will ask you to please bear with me. You see I am diligently researching gadgets and technology in Tuscany. I am finding it very fascinating. Firstly, they have this very strange liquid that they apparently manufacture by pressing some sort of fruit, grapes I think. It comes in white and red flavors and they drink it quite a bit. Not wanting to create any sort of international incident, I have been complying with this ritual. Besides, I find myself feeling quite good after a few glasses. The locals also seem to have this overwhelming drive to enjoy themselves. It’s uncanny. None of my friends who live here seem to have the urge to run around frantically for no particular reason. Anyway, I have included an entry for THE GET IT to tide you over. I will get back to my research and report back next week.
This week I’m going to make it easy. A real no-brainer. How about the Canon SD1000? A sweetly designed 7.1 megapixel camera with a 3X optical zoom with a 5.8mm-to-17.4mm range (which is equivalent to a 35mm lens with a 35mm-to-105mm zoom) and corresponding maximum f-stops of f/2.8 to f/4.9. The SD1000 also sports a 2.5 inch LCD dispIay, features quick startup and recycle times and continues to receive great reviews. Just a few here and here. The price? Newegg is offering up this high-stylin’, ultra-compact for a mere $214.99, 3 Business Day Shipping for $7.14. To add insult to injury, Newegg is throwing in a free Crucial 2GB SD card with the combo deal.