July 25, 2007

I am back to check in. My vacation is nearly finished and I must admit that it has been quite the arduous task. All of my tireless research calculating the perfect ratio of reading by the pool and actually taking a dip has not been easy. I am also reminded of the real world road testing of my friend Luca’s turn-by-turn GPS device while navigating the backroads to Urbino for an afternoon of wine and lunch research. However, like all good things, this to must end. Alas, as I stated, my vacation is coming to an end, so I will sign off and see everyone next week with a full-length Hit List. Meanwhile, as promised, I have included a new bargain.
Westinghouse has been sneaking up on the big LCD manufacturers for a while now. They have been cranking out some very rock solid models that offer great bang for the buck. Okay, so it isn’t a Sony or even a Sharp, but your wallet won’t be so empty and you’ll end up with a real nice set. The Westinghouse LTV-40W1 40″ Widescreen LCD HDTV has a built-In DVD player, both an ATSC and NTSC tuners, 700:1 contrast ratio, built-in stereo speakers and a load of inputs. If you don’t believe me, here is a review from HDTV Expert. Crutchfield is featuring this great LCD HDTV for only $1199 with free shipping and an extra $20 off if you use the following code: 3A706.