August 1, 2007

Yugster is a site that features a single product everyday at 6AM EST which stays up on their site until the product sells out or until 6AM EST the next day. Today they are offering up the Monster Cable iCase Travel Pack for iPod for a mere $29.99, $5 shipping. The iCase is a rugged, lightweight Nylon case with some nice rubberized zipper pulls. It features a plethora of custom-fit pockets and storage compartments not just for your iPod but all the other doodads and shiny bits. In addition, it includes a Monster iCharger™ (charges your iPod® in your car lighter socket) and a Monster iSplitter™ (connects two mini-stereo headphones into one jack) to share music with a friend. Come on, the charger alone is worth the price.
Ready to truly cut that cord on your next TV? DirecTV has developed the world’s first and only portable satellite TV system on the market. And no, you don’t have to carry around a whole satellite dish or wear some sort of apparatus on your head. The Sat-Go comes in a nice compact little package that you can easily take on the go. It features a 17-inch LCD screen, DirecTV Receiver, portable flat antenna, and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that fits neatly into a briefcase-like carrying case. With AC/DC adaptors for home and car, you can take the Sat-Go nearly anywhere and because the receiver is built-in, it can also be used as an alternative set in the home. This type of access doesn’t come cheap, the Sat-Go will put you back a cool $1499.…
Harald Cramer, a recent graduate of the University of Applied Sciences in Magdeburg, Germany, has come up with a new design for a time trial bike that is absolutely stunning. Constructed entirely of carbon composite the new ORYX features some great new innovations. The frame employs a unique Y-shaped design that allows the rider to experience a nice shock-absorbing ride. Also, the forks, stem and handlebars are all composed of a single piece of carbon composite. In addition, it features a crank that is integrated into the frame using a ring-like design that rotates inside using two ball bearings. This design encloses the chain and along with the one-sided fork and enclosed suspension, provides an aerodynamic advantage. And lastly, for those quick wheel changes, the ORYX also has a simple push button release system. I don’t know if it would make me go any faster, but it sure is purdy.…
As much as we love getting those latest and greatest gadgets, as you know, the other side of that dual-edged sword is what to do with the old stuff. In the past I have shown you places where you can safely donate or recycle, but what if that old gadget is not that old or maybe still worth some dough? Second Rotation may be the answer. Second Rotation focuses on consumer electronics like digital cameras, camcorders, cell phones, GPS systems and MP3 players. They use a “patent-pending calculator” that is “based on near real time market pricing data”. The steps seem fairly simple. You first locate your gadget for the estimate, then ship it off to Second Rotation free of charge, then lastly, sit back and wait for the cabbage. Of course you could probably get more on eBay or craigslist, but if you don’t want the hassle or don’t have the time, Second Rotation just may be the ticket. After all, re-use is the truest and best form of e-cycling. All the details are covered here in the press release.
Not wanting to rest on their laurels, it is rumored that Apple has a new iPod Nano coming down the pipe. It looks like the new Nano will be a two-inch-square, flash-based player that supposedly will play video! It will come in all sorts of new colors and in both a 4GB and 8GB flavor. According to the rumors, crates of these goodies are being shipped as we speak. Hopefully it will also ship with a loupe so you can actually see the screen.…