August 8, 2007

No more MiniDV tapes or DVD discs, get yourself the highly-rated Sony HDR-SR1 Hard-Disc Handycam Camcorder. You can record high-definition video directly to the built-in 30GB hard drive. The HDR-SR1 has a Carl Zeiss lens, a 3.5″ Wide (16:9) Hybrid Touch Panel Clear Photo LCD screen, a 4.0 Megapixel still capture feature, Super SteadyShot Image Stabilization, records in Dolby Digital 5.1ch surround sound with its built-in microphone and fits into the palm of your hand. It measures a mere 3.1 x 3.3 x 6.5″. What more could you ask for? This week B&H Photo is featuring this sweet HD camcorder for only $949.95!…
Tired of those boring old traditional light switches? Standing there in all their plasticky glory, waiting to be switched up or down. Instead, how about gettin’ your fuzzy-rub on? International Fashion Machine has developed a new interface to the traditional light switch. The Essential Wall Dimmer consists of a strip of conductive yarns placed on a field of Designtex wool felt. You simply tap it for on/off functionality or slide your grubby little fingers across the strip for dimming action. The Essential Wall Dimmer comes in 14 groovy colors and is antimicrobial and stain resistant. More importantly, it has just received UL approval and fits into those standard electrical boxes just like any other replacement dimmer or switch would.
I know, I know, not another iPod dock. Well this isn’t any old iPod dock. We’re talking about Bowers & Wilkins here. B&W, as they are known, have been manufacturing high-end loudspeakers since 1966. In fact, B&W’s 800 Series loudspeakers are the reference standard loudspeakers that are currently used in recording studios around the world, as well as being utilized by classical music labels such as Philips and Decca in their studios to monitor recordings. So with a pedigree like that, you know the new Zeppelin iPod speaker system is no slouch. At two feet wide, the unique Zeppelin shape is as much about form as it is about function. Its larger bass unit sits in the center of the device and the form tapers towards the ends, where the smaller mid-range and tweeter drivers are placed. Along with its 5-inch subwoofer and four speakers, the Zeppelin also features three channels of amplification that combine for a beefy 100 watts of power. All this dirigible goodness will put you back $599, not bad when consider the components. Here’s another nice shot of the system.
Like your bike but sometimes get a little worn out on those long rides? Well now you can totally motorize it with a simple wheel change! RevoPower has developed an engine that fits entirely into the rim of a bicycle wheel. Take a look. I know what you are thinking; an engine in the wheel, now my bike will weigh a ton. Not so, the RevoPower engine wheel weighs in at a mere 15lbs. It comes preassembled in a 26″ rim and tire and features a nifty fuel tank that fits into a standard water bottle cage. The 25cc two-stroke engine will propel you about 20mph and will give you about 100 mpg. More importantly, the bike can be ridden with or without the motor running with little noticeable difference. The RevoPower is priced at $600 and slated for release in early 2008.
Another week, another new Apple product release. This is gettin’ downright monotonous. Steve Jobs has just announced the newly redesigned iMacs. The new design has a slick retro look of aluminum and glass. In addition, the new iMac features a thin keyboard that has been updated with a more tactile feel that is less “mushy” than previous models. It has been described as very similar to the keyboard on the Macbooks. Besides the obvious external changes, there are some exciting changes inside. These new models will sport up to a 2.4GHz Core 2 Extreme processor, up to 4GB of memory, ATI Radeon HD graphics card and up to a whopping 1TB of hard drive storage. Check out these juicy pics.…