August 15, 2007

This week we have a premium webcam at a fantastic discount. The Logitech QuickCam Ultra Vision is outstanding with twice the image clarity of conventional webcams. It features a 5 element glass lens, true 1.3 megapixel sensor coupled with RightLight™ 2 Technology, built-in microphone with RightSound™ Technology and an adjustable base that fits any monitor or notebook. Logitech has also bundled up quite a bit of software including Logitech® QuickCam®, Video Effects™, HP Photosmart Essential Software, Skype™, Yahoo® Messenger and Windows® Live Messenger™ with free full screen video calling. ZipZoomfly is offering this great webcam up for $34.99 after a $35 discount and a $60 rebate and free shipping. This webcam normally lists for well over $100.…
Be a hero at your next party and mix your music like a pro. Numark has developed the iDJ2. The iDJ2 is a mixing console and portable DJ system that allows you to play and mix two songs simultaneously from a single iPod without the need of a computer! The iDJ2 also features scratching, balanced outputs, pitch control, key lock, seamless looping, and full cueing. Besides a universal iPod dock, it also features connectivity for multiple mass storage devices including additional iPods, thumb drives, and external USB hard drives through rear panel USB ports. In addition to USB connectivity, the iDJ2 comes complete with line inputs for audio sources including a microphone, CD players and turntables. Supported file formats include MP3, WAV and AAC (unprotected). The iDJ2 will be available in September for around $600.
This isn’t your dad’s backyard tool shed. kitHAUS manufactures some pretty sweet modular prefab kits for outdoor spaces. The modules are based on standard 17 sq ft building blocks. kitHAUS currently offers four models: the K1 with a loft, K2 with a flat roof, the 9′ x 13′ K3 and the 4′ x 4′ K9 for the pooch. They all feature a unique framing and clamping system called MHS that allows the modules to be assembled in just a few days. The MHS (modular housing system) is made from aluminum, requires no heavy equipment, never needs painting and is resistant to termites and rust. In addition, the exterior can be done in either Zinculume (corrugated metal panels) or Ipe wood. The kitHAUS models also feature dual insulated windows and doors, data port and electrical connection box, finished walls, floor and ceiling. If you go to the site, make sure you take a look at the gallery. Model prices range from $3500 – $59k.
We don’t need no stinking plastic bags. Japan’s Minister of the Environment, Yuriko Koike doesn’t think so either. She wants to see the furoshiki back in action. The furoshiki has been used for centuries to carry all sorts of things from bottles to boxes to watermelons! Its versatility lies in the origami-like method of folding it. Yuriko is trying to resurrect this symbol of Japanese culture that is believed to date back to the Muromachi Period (1392-1573). According to Wikipedia, the furoshiki is “a type of traditional Japanese wrapping cloth” that has no one set size and “can range from hand sized to larger than bed-sheets. The most common sizes are 45cm and 68-72cm”. So get yourself a furoshiki and pass on that horrible plastic bag. This page outlines all the options. Here’s a pdf of the folding plans and some shots of it in action.
When I first came across this story, I declared, as I’ve done here many times before, “I am pretty sure the end is near”. However, after a few days, things started to come to the surface and I had a renewed faith in the world… I’m hoping. The story, initially reported by the North Denver News, goes that a Thomas Martel, a rather large fellow, found it difficult to navigate his new iPhone with the phalanges that he was given. So he sought some outside help and had his thumbs altered in a “revolutionary new surgical technique known as ‘whittling’.” Yes, that’s right, he had his thumbs whittled down so he could accurately poke at his new phone. The story even outlined the intricacies of this new technique. Apple 2.0 is crying foul. It was also reported on, Ars Technica and MacDailyNews, so it appears that if the story is a phony, it may be only slightly embarrassing. You decide.