October 17, 2007

Does your camcorder have a shoulder support? Do you look like one of the cameramen from the local news crew? Maybe it’s time to stop embarrassing your family and upgrade to a new mini camcorder. This week Butterfly Photo is featuring a fantastic MiniDV Handycam for a killer price. The Sony DCR-HC48 is loaded. It sports a 1 Megapixel CCD, professional quality Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar Lens, 25x optical/2000x digital zoom, 2.7-inch Wide Hybrid Touch Panel LCD, NightShot Plus for low light shooting and Super SteadyShot for exceptional image stabilization. All this for the rock-bottom price of $324 with no tax and free shipping!
We are seeing these all-in-one PCs pop up more and more all the time. However, up till now, they seem to hover halfway between a computer and a TV, not really fully committing to either. They usual feature a decent processor and sport a monitor that is big for a computer but still a bit on the smallish side for a TV. Much like this Sony I told you about a few weeks ago. That is until now. The folks at LumenLab have put together a nice and chunky, aluminum bodied beast of an all-in-one PC that measures a mere 3″ deep and runs whisper quiet with its fanless design. This new machine, simply named Q, has specs that would make any TV or PC proud. On the TV side, it features a 42″ display with full 1080p video. On the PC side, the Q boasts a whopping 1TB of HDD storage, 2GB of ultra-fast RAM and Intel Core Duo processors. And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, LumenLab goes ahead and makes the Q green. According to LumenLab, the Q contains no hazardous substances, does not emit VOCs during use and exceeds the highest standards for RoHS and Energy Star compliance. No pricing or shipping dates have been released.
You know here at the Hit List I love me some timepieces. From a design standpoint, you’d think there was only so much you could do with a clock. Not the case. So far we’ve seen one with no hands, some with no numbers and even one that verbalizes the time, but one with no numbers or a face? How can that be? Well Yiran Qian of China has pulled it off with the new Vice Versa clock. It takes all of the analog goodness of traditional clock hands and transforms them into the digital with LED digital displays incorporated into each of the hands. And because there isn’t any faceplate, you can place it anywhere. Right now it is just a concept, but I can’t imagine it not being picked up for production.
Remember those old mopeds from the 70s and 80s? A little bit of peddling and a little bit of gas power all wrapped into one. Well, the French company Citydoo has brought this concept into modern times, all the while maintaining an excellent eco-friendly design. The new scooter, called the Elektroon, promises to give you 40mph of speedy, silent goodness while only requiring you to first get it rolling with a few rotations of the pedals. Once up and going, the Elektroon will keep you going for up to 80 miles. After that, you need only to plug it into a standard electrical outlet for just six hours for a full recharge. The new Elektroon is currently available in France only for €790.
Have you seen the new Sony Bravia ad campaign yet? If not, here’s a link to one of the spots. It’s the one with the multi-colored claymation bunnies hopping around in New York City. It was done by ad agency Fallon and film studio Passion Pictures. It’s very good and very creative. Or so we thought. Apparently, just two years before, LA-based artist Kozydan, sent Passion Pictures a slew of material, including a piece depicting multi-colored bunnies in an urban environment. Sound familiar? Apparently not to Sony, they are denying any wrongdoing. They’re claiming that their multi-colored bunnies in New York City have nothing to do with Kozydan’s multi-colored bunnies. Yeah right, it’s so blatant and so sad that they can’t at least give Kozydan credit. What’s even more pathetic is the “making of” video. It is chockfull of various folks from the ad agency and film studio singing their own praises so sincerely.