October 31, 2007

The holiday season is upon us which means we’ll all be gift searching in no time. How about a nice DVD Player? The Panasonic DVD-S1 Progressive Scan DVD Player is a fine choice. It has a built-in Dolby Digital Decoder, Virtual Surround Sound, DTS and supports all sorts of formats. In addition to DVD, DVD-R, DVD-RW and DVD+R (including dual layer), it can also play your tunes with support for CDs, MP3s and CD-R/RW discs. Right now Buy.com is featuring this player for only $44.99 with free shipping!
Italian designers Dante Donegani and Giovanni Lauda have a developed a nice solution for that mess-o-wires and transformers that normally clutter your desk or nightstand. At first look it appears to be an ordinary book. However, when you open the “book”, it reveals a hidden compartment inside where you can stash all those cables and transformers for your cell phone, PDA or other gadgets. It can accommodate up to 3 devices with a 3-way multi socket. As a bonus, the Multibook has a digital clock and calendar built into the “spine” of the book and a pleasant ambient light that emanates from the “pages”. The light comes from 74 LEDs that produce a soft pleasant diffused light. The MultiBook is available at Questo Design for $217.
Here on the East Coast it’s startin’ to get a bit nippy and that means fireplace time. Unfortunately, that isn’t easy for most of us. First off, you actually need a fireplace. No problem, Radius, the German based design firm, has come up with the Home Flame collection. An incredibly beautiful line of fireplaces done in nice clean modern design. The best part? These “fireplaces” can be placed anywhere without need for a chimney. Moreover, you can forget about the smoke, logs or ashes. These units burn a special long burning bio-ethanol fuel which largely burns to steam and carbon dioxide. The Home Flame collection comes in all sorts of flavors for all sorts of applications and is surprisingly reasonably priced. There’s the Wall Flame, Floor Flame, Table Flame and Pure Flame. They run anywhere from $470 for the Pure Flame to $1150 for the stainless steel Wall Flame.
Next time you’re at Costco picking up that 5 gallon bucket of mayonnaise or that new pallet of diapers, why not check out their new electronic trade-in program. Costco has teamed up with GreenSight Technologies to offer yet another option for us to recycle our old gadgets. Once on the site, you are prompted with a number of questions to determine the type and quality of your gadget. Once evaluated, the Value Estimator determines if it is worthy of any trade-in value. If deemed so, you get a Costco Cash Card for the amount, if not, and here’s the bonus, you have the option of recycling your gadget for free. That’s right, they will send you a pre-paid UPS shipping label. All you have to do then is pack it up and send if off. Now what’s your excuse?
Last week we talked about all the cabbage Apple has been raking in, so to give the illusion that I am fair and balanced, we’ll take a look at what Microsoft reported this week. So here goes. For the quarter? How does $13.76 billion in revenue with $4.29 billion in net profits sound? That’s a 27% increase over last year’s respective quarter. Everything’s coming up roses! Windows client segment grew 150%, 1.8 million Xbox 360 units sold and $330 million in Halo sales. What does this mean for the 2007 fiscal year projections? $58.8 billion to $59.7 billion for an operating income of $23.3 billion to $23.7 billion. That literally puts Microsoft on par with the GNP of Kuwait who is around number 56 on the Countries of the World GNP hit parade.