November 7, 2007

Looking for a great digital camera that can slide into your pocket? The Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-T200 is just the ticket. Powerful, slim and well designed all bundled up in a package about the size of a deck of cards. Dell Home has the Sony DSC-T200 8MP 3X Digital Camera, featuring the trademark slide-cover chassis, optical image stabilization and a big 3.5″ touchscreen LCD, for a low $339.99 free shipping!…
Wow, it may look like some sort of simple USB storage device, but the new MD300 from Sony Ericsson is actually a powerful USB 3G Mobile Broadband Modem bundled up in a tiny little package. That means it allows your PC or laptop to connect to the internet whenever and wherever you need. In addition, it supports all the big networks including HSDPA (Up to 3.6 Mbps, downlink), UMTS (Triple band 850/1900/2100 MHz), EDGE and GPRS (Quad band 850/900/1800/1900 MHz). That just about covers the whole globe! The MD300 also doesn’t discriminate, supporting Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Mac OS X. The MD300 will be available in luxury black and metallic silver in selected markets from Q1 2008. Here’s the official press release from Sony Ericsson.
$365 for a flashlight? Okay, so that may sound a bit steep, but they really look amazing and may be the last flashlight you’ll need to buy. Engineered by a team of Swiss industrial designers and American aerospace engineers and manufactured in the United States, the Lumencraft GatLight V3 Flashlight is constructed of titanium and carbon fiber and features an extremely bright, high efficiency white LED rated at 240 lumens. Besides looking totally cool, Gatlight’s patented circuitry provides amazing performance, all the while increasing the battery life up to 30% as compared to the leading competitors. In addition, the Gatlight’s LED has an operating life of 100,000 hours! That’s nearly 11.5 years continuously left on. By the way, I approve this as an acceptable gift if anyone is feeling generous…
Boy, it’s about time someone made a folding bicycle that doesn’t look like it belongs in a circus. You know what I’m talking about. Well Dahon has designed one that not only looks decent (take a look at the gallery), it is chock full of high-end components. Besides the ability to fold up and fit into a shoulder bag, the new Smooth Hound from Dahon features premiums like a Brooks leather saddle, a Brooks leather wrapped Biologic™ handlebar, Shimano 16 speed drive train with Ultegra barcon shifters, Schwalbe Marathon Racer tires with Kevlar puncture protection, BioLogic™ PostPump integrated inside the seat post, Special Edition FSA crankset with 55/44T CNC chainrings and NVO InfiniteAdjust stem which adjusts quickly to adapt to riders with different sizes and riding styles. All this style and functionality weighs only 23.8 lbs (10.8 kg) and will only run you $850.
I’m sure you heard about the recent screw-the-music-companies-give-my-music-away-for-free experiment conducted by Radiohead? Well, the numbers are rolling in and it looks like all those “music fans” have pockets full of needles and pins. The research firm of comScore is reporting that Americans paid and average of $8.05 for In Rainbows with 62% walking away without paying a red cent! That’s significantly lower than $12 to $15 you would currently pay for the average CD. The next largest group paid between $8 and $12 comprising 12%, then 6% paying $4.01 to $8 and the last group of 4% forking out $12 to $20. Alas, don’t fret for Radiohead, industry experts predict that profits will only be slightly lower than past albums. According to comScore, the average amount spent for all downloads came to $2.26 with predictions of past albums bringing Radiohead between $3 and $5. A new day has dawned.