November 14, 2007

This week Vann’s has some nice iPod deals. They’re featuring the 4GB iPod Video Nano in Silver for $143.99, the 8GB Silver for $189.99, the 80GB iPod Classic Black or Silver for $239.99 and the 160GB Black or Silver for $339.99. I know what you’re thinking, these prices are only $10 or so cheaper than what you can get at the Apple Store, but with Vann’s you pay no tax or shipping! When combined, that’s quite a decent discount for any Apple product.
With everybody getting all touchy-feely with their phone interfaces these days, it looks like it’s time for someone to up the ante. HTC has done just that with its new addition to their Touch Phone line. Not only does the new HTC Touch Cruise pack all the goodies you’d want in a premium cell phone, it also features some built-in GPS goodness. That’s right, turn-by-turn GPS navigation using TomTom® software built right into the phone. In addition, the Touch Cruise features worldwide connectivity (3G and GPRS/EDGE/GSM), large 2.8-inch touch screen, HTC TouchFLO interface, 3 megapixel camera with auto-focus for shooting photos/videos and a second camera for video calls or self-portraits, FM radio, MP3 player, and video playback functionality. Here’s a video of the HTC TouchFLO interface in action and a nice close-up of the unit.
Not happy with the sleek, modern styling of Piaggio, artist Nemo Gould has styled the skin of his scooter with some interesting objects of his own. Looking a bit like something out of Mad Max, it is stitched together with some big shiny welds and sports a nice industrial finish of bare metal. Some of the more interesting parts incorporated include a tail-light made from an old ’50s vacuum cleaner and the rear side cowling covers made from a street lamp cover and a standard porch light fixture cut in half. I can’t wait to see this thing when it’s finished. In addition to the scooter, Nemo is quite prolific. Take a look at some of the other creations in his portfolio.…
Sometime ago the Hit List featured those great eco-friendly SoftBowls from MIO Culture. They’re great for hiding those hideous plastic pots that new plants come in. Well now you can cut out the middle man and eliminate those ugly, eco-unfriendly pots all together. The GreenPots collection features all natural, 100% biodegradable planting pots made from renewable grain husks that will last up to 5 years under normal use. These pots are water-soluble, freeze-and-thaw-resistant, contain no wood or petroleum ingredients and will easily decompose in the landfill. Prices range from $6.50 to $14, with discounts given for purchases of two or more. In addition to individual pots, you can also pick up the Green3r Herb Garden Trio which comes bundled with your choice of three Certified Organic Herbs Seeds for $21.
This is just fantastic. It gives me the same joy as that great scene from Annie Hall where Marshall McLuhan makes a cameo and humiliates that blowhard while waiting in a movie line. It’s a clip from Larry David of Curb your Enthusiasm and Seinfeld fame illustrating a unique approach to those Bluetooth headphone folks that sometimes talk a bit too loud. You know the feeling. Well, maybe you don’t because you may be the one doin’ the Bluetoothin’. Either way, at this point there is nothing anyone could say to convince me that those things are necessary. Enjoy.