December 12, 2007

Looking for a nice gift for the holidays? How about a great digital camera for a killer price? This week we have the Panasonic LUMIX DMC-FX10S 6MP 3X Digital Camera. This is a well-reviewed camera featuring 3x Optical Zoom, 6.0 megapixel resolution, Optical Image Stabilization, f/2.8 LEICA DC VARIO-ELMARIT lens, 2.5-inch LCD display, Intelligent ISO Control (reduces image blur from subject movement and low light) and records full-size movies in wide-aspect VGA (848 x 480) at 30 frames per second. Vann’s is offering up this great camera for $129.88 with free shipping! That’s at least $40 less than any other price I have found.
With high-speed broadband so prevalent today, VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) has become a real solution. Add in fee-free products like Skype and Express Talk and things get even better. Unfortunately, the hardware has taken a bit of time to catch up. We are just starting to see some serious products. One such product is the new TRIO USB Speakerphone from Ipevo. Optimized for Skype, it does triple duty as a personal hands-free speakerphone, a conference phone and a personal handset for private conversations (it can be switched to handheld mode with simple toggle switch). It also has built-in recording capabilities for those Linda Tripp conversations that you may need to record (outputs as WAV). The specs are very impressive. It features 16 bit DSP, full duplex technology, voice sampling rate of 8KHz, echo cancellation and voice reception of 1.5 m2. In addition, it comes in white and grey, is Mac & PC compatible and will run you $79.99.
It’s about time someone did something with the outside of an audio component. There’s a reason why we hide them away in cabinets and audio closets. Olive has handed over its famous Opus Nº5 digital audio system to famed designer Karim Rashid for some extreme makeover goodness. The Opus Nº5 features Olive’s “Pure Audio System” (PAS) technology developed with Texas Instruments to provide high-precision full-bodied vinyl-like audio playback from digital sources. The device incorporates an optical disc reader — you insert audio CDs, click the “Record” button and Opus imports, tags and archives the CD giving you instant access to up to 2200 of your albums. The new look comes in four new flavors: Digitalia, Morphologic, Spectra and Fusion.…
This is a bit frightening and exciting all at the same time. GlowPaint glow-in-the-dark paint company, MPK Co. has developed self-luminous micro particles called Litrospheres™ which will stay glowing for 12+ years, are inexpensive, non-toxic, not affected by heat or cold, 5,000-pound crush resistant and require no power source! That means no more batteries or power needed for things such as bicycle safety, sports/camping equipment or street signage and markings. The applications are limitless. How does it work? According to MPK, the particles use “a radioactive gas, whose “soft” emission of electrons from the beta emitting gas cannot penetrate the glass or polymer wall of the microspheres.” Huh? Did he say radioactive particles? That’s the frightening part. Here’s a copy of the submission by Steve Stark to NASA tech Briefs for the first public exposure of this technology.
It seems Palm can’t do anything right these days. On the heels of the Treo’s outdated hardware, poorly executed Windows-based units and now the Foleo fiasco, Palm has announced this week that revenue from the second fiscal quarter will be $30 million less than originally predicted. Why you ask? Palm isn’t really saying. Only that they failed to qualify “a product that the company had previously expected to have certified within the quarter,” and “had higher-than-expected warranty expenses.” On top of all of this, Palm’s stock hit a 52-week low on Friday and has nothing new on the horizon until 2009 when the new Palm OS is slated for release.…