December 19, 2007

Looking to pick up a new GPS unit but not sure how far to dive in? That’s okay, Dell is offering up great deals on a range of nice TomTom units. Right now you have your pick of the ONE XL GPS Navigator for $209 using coupon BZR3S1FH6Z?S47 (Exp 12/20 11am CST or 2200 max uses), the TomTom ONE XL S for $249 using coupon GX1X?T7PD2R0T$ (Exp 12/20 11am CST or 5000 uses) and the GO 720 Portable GPS Receiver for the low price of $329.99 using coupon D5GD9LR80DDMT0 (Exp 12/20 11am CST or 3500 max uses). If you intend on making a move on any of these, you should act quickly, these are all great deals and those coupons tend to expire quickly. Just add it to your cart and then apply the coupon.………
Now you can bore your friends and family with your bad photos anywhere! Get the new Photo Album from SanDisk. It’s a multimedia digital card reader that can hook directly up to a TV with no computer needed. That’s right; you can view your photos or create photo albums, complete with music without the use of a computer. The handy little device supports CompactFlash I & II, Memory Stick, Memory Stick PRO, SmartMedia, xD, SD and MMC cards as well as a USB port for flash drives. The USB port also does double duty as a connection to your PC where the Photo Album can serve as an 8-in-1 card reader. In Addition, SanDisk includes a remote control that allows you to flip through your shots or zoom in and out. Most importantly, the SanDisk Photo Album is a bargain at $34.62 on Amazon. That’s a lot of functionality for under $35!…
BONUS GIZMO: Sorry, I know this a little out of the ordinary, but I came across this crazy product that I just had to share with you. I guarantee that you will watch the video at least twice and wonder why this isn’t incorporated in all cars. It’s the Disappearing Car Door from JATECH. I don’t want to give anything away before you watch the video, so I think it’s better if you just enjoy it with as little explanation as possible. I give you the Disappearing Car Door. Enjoy and Happy Holidays!
I want to apologize in advance to those of you out there that don’t get all that excited about tools, let alone considering one beautiful. I understand, honestly, I really do. But those of you who do, and you know who you are, this is what I’m talking about. Douglas Tools only make hammers and they take it very seriously. These wood-handled beauties are made for both the trade professional and do-it-yourselfer and feature H2IT (Head-Handle Interface Technology). According to Douglas the patented H2IT is “exclusive to Douglas hammers” and “provides a tremendous advantage in strength, durability and leverage.” This technology combines the flexibility of wood with the strength of steel which produces what founder, Todd Douglas Coonrad likes to say, “Wood where you want it – Steel where you need it”.
This is so surreal, like going back to the future. Taking a cue from those sailing ships of old, two German companies have teamed up and created a kite system that uses wind power to haul enormous ships in an effort to cut fuel costs. However, unlike the sails on traditional sailing ships, the SkySail is tethered to a 15-meter high mast which flies up to 300 meters high to harness powerful prevailing winds. I know it sounds sort of silly, but these fuel costs savings can be significant. According to SkySails, annual average fuel costs can be lowered between 10-35% depending on actual wind conditions and actual time deployed. Under optimal wind conditions, fuel consumptions can be temporarily reduced up to 50%! Click here to see it in action.
Holy Jeebus! This week Canalys, a leading provider of consulting and market analysis for the high-tech industry, released a report of mobile phone market share and it’s got some folks shakin’ in their boots. The report showed that Apple, in just its first full quarter of sales, has captured 27% of the market share in North America! And what makes it even more remarkable is that the iPhone is currently sold only in the US through a single carrier, AT&T, who doesn’t even provide service to much of Vermont, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Alaska! This puts the iPhone in second place, bested only by RIM BlackBerry. This on the heels of Microsoft’s CEO Steve Balmer claiming that Apple wouldn’t capture more than two to three percent of the market and his own Windows Mobile platform as having or soon acquiring 60 to 80% of the smartphone market. Oops. Just think what’ll happen when the Jesus phone starts marching through Europe.…

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[…] in December I told you about a company named SkySails and their bid to bring wind power back to the shipping […]