January 30, 2008

Don’t worry about running out of memory ever again. At least until next year when they double the capacity for half the price! Get the Patriot 16GB Secure Digital High-Capacity(SDHC) Flash Card. It’s Class 6, complies with SDA 2.0 specifications, has a high level of copy protection, is compatible with SDHC slot devices and has a write protection switch to avoid accidental data deletion. Newegg is featuring this monster for the low price of $89.99.
Wow, lighting sure has come a long way. To think, when I was a teenager, the most freaky we could get was a black light and those velvet posters. Ah, sweet memories. Now we’re talking about throwing your own Nu-Rave. This new LED from Thinkgeek has an IR remote which can turn the bulb on and off, adjust colors, transitions and brightness levels. It is capable of 16 specific colors (including White, Green, Blue, Red, Orange, Turquoise, Purple), has 4 transition effects (flash, strobe, fade, smooth) and fits into a standard light bulb socket! What else could you ask for? It currently retails for $50.
I’ve got two words for you; Me-ow. The folks at the Chocolate Design Agency have developed a phone concept I would sell my mother to the Huns for. The tasty new P-Per mobile phone has a browser that spans the entire surface of the display, a transparent display for camera mode, just 4 layers of construction, a titanium frame, and a wrap around flexible haptic LED touchscreen. In addition, it picked up a prestigious Red Dot Design Award. But don’t hate it because it’s beautiful, this sexy new concept is also green. It utilizes energy-saving e-paper, has only four layers of sustainable materials, and uses an Organic Radical battery. All of this goodness wrapped in a svelte 7mm form factor. It looks like they pulled the video. I’m not sure why, it was very good.
Hard to believe that when you purchase one cup of coffee (or tea) in a disposable container every day, you create about 23 lb of waste each year. Moreover, Styrofoam cups are the worst culprits, as they never degrade. That old Styrofoam cup will be there waiting for you 500 years from now! Americans throw away 25,000,000,000 Styrofoam cups every ear. That’s frightening. How about you pick up the new “I Am Not A Paper Cup” from Decor Craft. It is a 3.5″ x 6″ cup, just like the one you contributed to the landfill this morning. However, this reusable cup is constructed of double-walled porcelain, so you don’t need to double-up like traditional cups. And for your overflow protection, it has a cool silicone top like those new flexible baking dishes. These will run you $20 apiece and should be available for shipment in April. The original date in February was pushed back due to its popularity.
Geez, these days it seems like our civil liberties are disappearing quicker than Britney Spears’ sanity. This month, Adam M. Gershowitz, Assistant Professor of Law at South Texas College of Law, published a paper basically saying that after being stopped for a traffic violation, your cell phone’s messages, call history, contacts, pictures, etc could be searched. That’s right, the whole jimmy. Not that you would have anything incriminating… right? Basically, he explains that because many traffic violations are arrestable offenses, the police can treat your phone just like any other container they find on you or in your car, no different than a cigarette pack or a closed box. According to Gershowitz, these things can be searched without a warrant or probable cause under existing Supreme Court precedent. Yikes, they can already use those evil little machines to track your movements, what’s next?