February 13, 2008

Looking forward to all the new features of Office 2007 but don’t want to shell out the $500 or so for the full version? Well if you don’t need Outlook, pick yourself up the Office 2007 Home and Student Edition and save yourself some dough. This version includes Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and Word. Computer’s Worth is offering this version for the low price of $102 with free shipping.
It seems that there is a new docking station/speaker system for the iPhone or iPod every time you turn around. However, there are a few out there that have distinguished themselves from the others in either their features or design. DLO has done a bit of both with their new amplified portable speaker system. The new system has a great design, looking a bit like a retro phone handset but also packs in some great new features. The system utilizes a removable rotating stand that holds the iPhone vertically when you want to listen to music, or horizontally if you want to watch video. In addition, you don’t have to disconnect your phone when you get a call; the speakers automatically turn it into a speaker phone. More importantly, they are shielded from the usual TDMA interference that plagues many traditional speaker systems. And when you are ready to take them on the go, each speaker snaps neatly into the base to create a 6 inch “ball” which also features a recessed area for keeping cords securely wrapped and out of the way. Although they are designed for the iPhone, they will also work with any audio device that has a 3.5mm headphone jack and will run you only $49.99. Click here to see it in action.
Since its introduction in 1932 the Zippo lighter has stood the test of time as a true American classic, whether it’s Donna Reed lighting Montgomery Clift’s cigarette in From Here to Eternity or used by Bruce Willis in Die Hard. From its recognizable click when snapped open to its flint-wheel ignition, the design has stood the test of time. Now after 75 years, the Zippo is finally getting an upgrade. Morphing the past with the present, the new ZippoBlu is the world’s first blue flame butane to incorporate a flint-wheel ignition. In addition, its patented two-stage burner “delivers an easy starting, consistent, clean burning hot blue flame.” It has a whole new profile and comes in a whole new line of skins — from the classic brushed chrome to 18-karat gold plated. They’re made in the USA and have a lifetime guarantee.
You’ve heard and seen plenty of eco-conscious alternatives for grocery bags, but how about those little plastic bags we use in the fruit and produce section? Think about it, they have a shorter life than a first round contestant on American Idol. We literally use them from the fruit and produce aisle to the kitchen counter where they are usually discarded. Well, Shelly Orr of Re-Market at Etsy had the same idea. She has developed a produce bag that is both lightweight and reusable but also has the distinct advantage of being see-through. This allows the clerk to easily see what goodies you have. The new bags are constructed of feather-weight recycled nylon tulle (fine mesh) so they don’t add any weight on the produce scale and are machine washable. They come in sets of three (M, L, XL) and will run you $7.50.
As we hurdle ever closer to the end of civilization as we know it, I’ve come to realize that apparently it isn’t fast enough for some folks. In a recent survey of some 2,000 Brits it was revealed that 47% of men would give up sex for six months in return for a free 50-inch plasma TV. Yes, you read that right, a television set. And before you start on the men, the survey also revealed that about a third of women felt the same way. Folks, what are we doing here?

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