March 12, 2008

Believe it or not, there are different levels of quality when it comes to DVD-R and CD-R media. TDK is one of the producers of higher quality media. Meritline is offering the 100 pack of 8X DVD-R White Thermal Hub Printable Blank Media, 4.7G Shrink Wrapped Bulk for the low price of $22.99 with free shipping. That’s 4.7GB for about 23 cents! Use coupon code TDK2OFF at checkout.…
When you find yourself on the road, don’t forget that those outlets in hotel rooms, trains and airports are still susceptible to surges. Plus with more and more of us computing on the road, there are less of those outlets every where we go. But what are you going to do? You can’t lug around one of those giant power/surge strips. Get yourself the new Mini Surge Protector from Belkin. This tidy little model packs three grounded three-prong power outlets and two powered USB ports into its tiny frame, and plugs directly into the wall socket, so there’s no dangling cord. A green LED confirms that connected devices are protected against surges, which Belkin backs with a $75,000 warranty. Just a fantastic travel tool. PC Connection currently has it available for $19.99.…
Okay, so we’ve seen 1TB external hard drives for some time now, but I don’t think I have ever seen one so ominous. No ugly plastic case here, just 1 terabyte of monolithic badass at your service. The new USB 2.0 Desktop Hard Disk from LaCie has a beautifully clean design, done up all in minimalist flat black with the exception of a single blue light behind the grill that periodically glows to signal it’s working. It features a quiet, compact, high speed 7200 rpm disc, 16MB (2 x 8MB) cache and measures 4.5 x 2.5 x 8.2 in. so it won’t take up a lot of desktop real estate. In addition LaCie includes ‘1-Click’ Backup Software for quick backups. The Desktop Hard Disk also comes in 250GB and 500GB flavors. I found the 1TB model on for just $216.99!
You probably wouldn’t have to look much further than your umbrella to find your most un-green product. After all, it’s almost always made of some unrecyclable material and is usually poorly constructed which many times results in a short lifespan. You’ve seen those old carcasses floating around on a stormy day like tumbleweeds. Feeling guilty yet? How about a 100% biodegradable umbrella that looks great? I’d like to introduce the BRELLI from PAM&Co. The frame is constructed of bamboo, cotton string and is covered in a unique, patent-pending biodegradable clear canopy that will biodegrade in less than five years. Despite its delicate appearance, the makers claim it can withstand heavy downpours and high winds, crediting its design and use of bamboo. The BRELLI comes in two sizes: a 35″ diameter stow away version for $28 and a full sized 52″ for $38. The BRELLI will be available March 18th but can be pre-ordered right now.
Woo-hoo! Removing any doubt that the iPhone could be the corporate business phone that we all hoped, Apple has announced support for some serious bidness tools. The big bomb? How about Microsoft Exchange and ActiveSync support. Yes, that’s right, I said Exchange support. In addition, we’re talking about push email, push calendar, push contacts, global address list, Cisco VPN, certificates and identities, WPA2/ 802.1x, security policies, device configuration and Remote Wipe. According to Information Week, Nike and Disney have been testing Exchange for iPhone and are pretty happy with it. I’ll bet that infamous laugh by Steve Balmer, when asked about the iPhone, is surely haunting him this week. .…