March 26, 2008

Looking to expand your network? The Netgear FS605 5-Port 10/100 Fast Ethernet Switch allows you to connect up to 5 computers, printers, or other peripherals to your network, all at speeds of up to 100 Mbps. In addition, it features zero configuration plug and play installation and sports Auto Uplink™ which allows the correct signal to be used for each type of Ethernet cable. Office Depot is offering the FS605 for the ultra low price of $9.99 with free shipping!
Get your mojo working and conjure up some sweet peer to peer sharing. Mojo is a new and extremely easy way to share music over the internet. Once you download, install it and create an account, you simply add your friends who also have it installed and you’re ready to get started. You can then share any song in your iTunes library or download any song from your friends’ libraries over the internet, free of charge! Just double-click an entry in your Mojo friends list and Mojo will open a new window showing every song in their library, along with their playlists, movies, TV shows, Podcasts, and audio books. Mojo even shows you the entries that you already have in your library by displaying them in gray. DRM protected tracks are shown in red and the rest in black. Click here for Lifehacker’s enthusiastic introduction and guide to the product.
Man, this is some clean livin’. Fisher & Paykel’s new Izona Cooksurface is as beautiful as it is functional. Sporting an elegant, flush, easy clean design, it also features the best of gas and ceramic technology combined. No ugly knobs or pot supports here, the Izona keeps them tucked away, flush to the seamless black ceramic glass just waiting to be summoned. Once activated, they rise from their hiding places and can be raised or lowered to your liking. These support pins are also removable for easy cleaning and have seals that ensure that liquid and cooking overspills are unable to leak into the pan support cavities. In addition, each burner has its own precise temperature control and LED displays. Unfortunately, the Izona is not in production just yet; however, the company plans to announce a release date once testing and regulatory approvals are completed.…
Back in December I told you about a company named SkySails and their bid to bring wind power back to the shipping industry. If you remember, the SkySail consisted of a large, self-deploying 1,700-square-foot parasail that is tethered to the bow of a cargo ship. According to the company, once deployed, this sail is capable of lowering fuel costs an average of 10-35%. Up to this point it has all been testing and speculation. That is until now. The cargo ship Beluga SkySail set “sail” to Venezuela from Bremen on January 22nd and reached the Norwegian port of Mo-I-Rana on March 13th after travelling a total of 11,952 nautical miles. What was the result? Right in line with SkySails prediction, the sail was able to substitute for 20% of the engine’s power. That represents a savings of about 2.5 tons of fuel and works out to more than $1,000 a day. For the next trip they’re planning to double the size of the sail which they predict will double the fuel savings.…
Last week the Federal Communications Commission’s coveted 700MHz spectrum auction ended. Although the winner will be officially announced within the next 10 days, the smart money is on Verizon. The price tag? How about $19.592 billion! In a giant nyah-nyah, auction loser Google has announced they “don’t need no stinking 700MHz spectrum.” Instead of paying for the cow, they’re looking to get the milk for free by planning to utilize the slivers of unused TV airwaves between channels, otherwise known as white space. These airwaves will become available after the February 2009 digital TV switchover. In a letter to the FCC, Google outlined plans for a new class of phones and wireless devices that use local wireless airwaves to access this unused space. The FCC is currently testing equipment to see if this space can be used without interfering with TV broadcasts. Meanwhile, the price of a Google share rose $27.63.…