April 2, 2008

Is that a radioactive isotope in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? Who needs batteries when you can employ Tritium. Get the new Mini Tritium Glowring Keychain. It’s a small clear plastic cylinder that contains a rod of Tritium for your radioactive glowing pleasure. It uses the same stuff that makes watches and traffic signs glow. According to the manufacturer, it will glow continuously for 10 years and is completely safe. The beta particles it emits are too weak to even penetrate human skin. You can pick one up at DealExtreme for $9.80
Back in February I featured the fantastic SpaceStation desktop organizer from Bluelounge. This week Bluelounge comes to the rescue again with The Sanctuary. In addition to bringing organization to your bureau top, kitchen counter or nightstand, The Sanctuary can also act as a universal charger for all of your gadgets. So instead of throwing your change, wallet and mobile into that plain old valet of yours, use The Sanctuary and keep everything organized and fully charged. The universal charger hidden below the top tray comes with 12 built-in adapters and is compatible with over 1500 electronic devices from most major brands. It also has a USB port allowing hundreds more electronic devices to be charged. The Sanctuary is available in white or black and will run you $129.95.
Let’s face it, the technology of today’s television sets are outpacing the design by light years. I mean come on, they can only get so thin and for the most part your color choices come down to black, silver or black and silver. Taking a cue from some of those old amazing television designs of yore, London-based ChauhanStudio has developed a new design for Humax Electronics that will be unveiled at Milan’s Zona Tortona design show. Looking like the son of HAL or maybe a leftover prop from Blade Runner, the LCD TV concept is an exercise in retro-futurism. There isn’t much yet in the way of specs, but it looks to have a speaker built in to the base and features a nice small footprint.
Here’s some hope for those of you out there that consider yourself laundry-challenged. You know who you are, mixing colors with whites, too much or too little detergent, unaware of the consequences of bleach, etc. Well here is your chance to make your life a little easier and most importantly, much greener. Laundry detergent is just loaded with all sorts of things that wreak havoc with the eco-system, whether it’s leaching into our drinking water, damaging fish DNA or causing all sorts of allergies. However, the folks behind Dropps have tried to eliminate these dangers and just maybe make laundry day a little easier. Dropps are small little pods of super concentrated (6x) detergent that you drop into your washing machine. No more messy bottles or measuring needed, the biodegradable “power pacs” simply dissolve in the wash water. As a result, it reduces the footprint of the packaging considerably. One empty jug of detergent equals 292 of the Dropps packaging pouches. In addition, they are phosphate free, chlorine free, NPE (Nonylphenol Ethoxylates) free, safe for septic tanks and are he (high efficiency) compatible. Dropps are readily available at your local Whole Foods, Target, Wal-Mart or Amazon right now for $22.46.
This week I was about to get up on my soapbox, but luckily for you I talked myself down. I was going to feature this story highlighting the fact that NVIDIA video drivers have been responsible for an incredible 28.8% of all Vista crashes. It’s important to point out that this figure also includes all the computers that don’t have NVIDIA graphic cards! So next time you want to take a swing at old Bill and the big M, maybe stop and consider the fact that not everything is always Microsoft’s fault. Oh, that’s right; I was not supposed to be on my soapbox. Sorry, in that case, I will just say that the only thing better than a prank on April Fool’s Day is a prank on any other day. So even though it’s April 2nd, here are ten pranks you can plan out and play on your coworkers and friends in the next 364 days. Have fun.