April 16, 2008

Honestly, one of the most neglected pieces of equipment in most home and office computer configurations is some sort of uninterrupted power supply (UPS). In addition to providing surge protection, they will keep your computer running until you can shut it down properly. Just ask anyone who has seen their computer or external hard drive rendered unusable after a power failure. APC is the leader in this field and the APC BE350R is a nice model. It can even communicate with your computer in order to shut down properly in the event you’re not around. Circuit City is featuring the BE350R right now for $32.99 with free shipping!
Time to offload that old analog video collection. You know you’d better make a digital copy of that Logan’s Run cassette before it degrades beyond repair. Blackmagic Design is about to make the process that much easier with their new Blackmagic Video Recorder. It is a device, only about the size of a Bic Lighter that allows you to capture video from any analog source such as VHS, Video-8, DVD, Set top boxes or any other composite video device. It then captures files directly to H.264 files for iPod, iPhone, Apple TV, YouTube, IPTV, Web or full resolution archiving. It comes in both consumer and professional editions and includes software to help edit the final product. So get out there and rescue that old movie collection before it’s gone forever. The Blackmagic Video Recorder will be available in mid July for $119 with the SDI (pro) model retailing for $299.
Wow, this isn’t your nephew’s frat house foosball table. Named for the number of players on each team, the ’11’ was the result of a collaboration between GRO design and Tim Modelmakers. Designed specifically to be shown at Milan Design Week, the team wanted to focus on an object they “could enhance through design, and that had lacked serious design attention in recent years.” I’ll say, foosball tables don’t exactly scream out high design. Inspired by the current trend of stadiums being built with strong architectural and sculptural beauty, the team was “interested in creating atmosphere through form, colour, material and subtle use of light.” Each player is machined from solid brass and finished in bright-silver highly polished chrome. After clicking the link below, make sure you page through the photos using the arrows, it really is remarkable.
Hey, when it comes to preserving the rainforest, every little bit helps. So next time you reach for that jimmy hat, make sure it’s from Natex. Natex is a new Brazilian company, located in Xapuri which is the first factory to produce condoms with latex from Amazon trees. These condoms will be produced with natural, sustainable materials from seringai trees and will help reduce the country’s dependence on imported condoms. According to the Brazilian government, Brazil is the biggest buyer of condoms in the world, importing more than a billion of the contraceptives in recent years to give away as part of the country’s national program to combat HIV. The factory will produce about 100 million condoms annually and will provide about 150 jobs for rubber tappers in the region. In addition, Natex condoms are 10% more cost-effective to produce and are also more resistant for having 50% less minerals than cultivation latex.
Boy, it seems like it was just yesterday when we were discussing the rumors of the forthcoming Jesus phone. Now here we are talking about the upcoming new version and the rumors are running wild. All sorts of details are surfacing. Besides the obvious 3G support, we are hearing about Bluetooth headphones, GPS, a 2.5mm slimmer profile, a black shiny finish, a 32GB model and most excitingly, video chat. Let the games begin!